“Just a Helldivers 1 exclusive?”: Super Earth’s ‘PR’ Stunt May Point to More Exotic Lifeforms on the Way in Helldivers 2

Dive into the latest Helldivers 2 mysteries.

Helldivers 2


  • Helldivers 2 players are buzzing about newfound details regarding Titan creatures.
  • Fans anticipate Arrowhead Game Studios might introduce new enemies and missions to enrich gameplay.
  • Known for their dedication, Helldivers players continue to innovate and speculate.
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Ever since its release in February, Helldivers 2 has been able to captivate players like no other game. From the immersive storyline to fast-paced cooperative multiplayer gameplay, the game has everything for the players.


The game has been out for more than 6 months now and players are still finding new things and sharing them on various platforms to discuss with fellow divers. One such thing happened recently which has sent players into deep thought.

Helldivers 2 Player Found an Interesting Detail about One Titan

An ICBM preparing to launch in Helldivers 2.
Helldivers 2 might be introducing new bug enemies. | Image credit: Arrowhead Game Studios

Helldivers 2 requires players to explore various planets, and every planet has enemies that they need to defeat to complete the mission and spread democracy. There are various types of enemies, from bugs to Mechs; all of them are dangerous and can kill any helldivers in an instant.


The Helldivers community is known for their dedication and innovation as they never cease to amaze. They have the talent to find odds details about various things. One such thing happened recently when Reddit User CurtisMarauderZ found that the bugs in the Super Earth PR Stunt video don’t have any bile.

After seeing this post, the community woke up and started discussing the potential of this discovery. Some knew about this and shared their reasoning as to why these enemies were different from the original Helldivers 1.

I might be the last person alive to notice, but this titan doesn’t have any bile. Are these things just HD1 exclusive?
byu/CurtisMarauderZ inHelldivers

Some players knew that this bug didn’t have the bile but had other abilities.

byu/CurtisMarauderZ from discussion

One user pointed out that it is mentioned in the video that this is a new lifeform.

byu/CurtisMarauderZ from discussion

While some believe that these bugs are made for the PR Stunt and dont have much inside.

byu/CurtisMarauderZ from discussion

After seeing the bug’s details and how new lifeforms can be found in the game. Players are speculating that many other new species are coming with future updates (with new planets).


Fans Are Expecting Arrowhead to Bring New Enemies

Helldivers 2 player evading enemy attacks.
Developers need to add different types of content as the game can be repetitive. | Image Credit: Arrowhead Game Studios

Arrowhead Game Studios is renowned for its dedication and commitment to the player experience and for listening to player feedback. With the recent decline in the player base due to the content drought in Helldivers 2, it is expected in the community that the developers are trying to bring new things.

Players are anticipating that the developers might be thinking of bringing a new type of mission that has new enemies. However, these are all speculation as nothing is confirmed by the developers.

In the end, players have to wait and see if Arrowhead will bring new lifeforms in Helldivers 2 (along with new content).


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