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‘Morning s*x, bike ride, have more s*x, go read, have more s*x, eat, have s*x’: Keanu Reeves Idea of a Good Day Pretty Much Proves He’s Not a Fan of No Nut November

'Morning s*x, bike ride, have more s*x, go read, have more s*x, eat, have s*x': Keanu Reeves Idea of a Good Day Pretty Much Proves He's Not a Fan of No Nut November

People everywhere are quite well-versed with actor Keanu Reeves and his work. His brilliant acting skills are praised by everyone. Add a humble demeanor to the mix and you have got yourself a perfect celebrity. Keanu Reeves’ filmography might cause envy in others as it is filled to the brim with incredible movies. Movies like Point Break and The Matrix are enough to know the versatility of the actor.

Keanu Reeves was slammed by Matthew Perry.
Actor Keanu Reeves

Naturally, fans might be wondering what his lifestyle is like. Since he seems to have everything going in the correct direction for him, there surely must be something he’s doing right. Well, Keanu Reeves previously did let the world in on what a perfect day looks like for him. It’s a little surprising, to say the least.

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Keanu Reeves’ Idea of a Perfect Day

Keanu Reeves in 47 ronin
Keanu Reeves in 47 Ronin

Back in 2014, Keanu Reeves appeared for an interview for his movie, 47 Ronin’s press tour, where he was asked by Parviz Khosrawi what his perfect day consists of. The video has now resurfaced after all these years and the answer might shock you a bit.

Well, according to Reeves, his perfect day includes finishing work, coming home to his family, meeting friends, going for a motorcycle ride, swimming a bit, and having lots of s*x. And by “lots,” he means lots.

First of all you’ve finished your great job, you’ve done some great work, you’re coming home, you see some friends and family, hopefully you’re in a relationship, you have some morning s*x, cook breakfast, go for a motorcycle ride, come back, swim, have more s*x.”

If you think that’s all it takes for the John Wick actor to have a good day, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Reeves doesn’t seem to be done at this point as the list continues to go on.

“eat some more, hang out for a little bit, maybe do some reading, go see a movie, have more s*x, go to the bar, have a couple of drinks, see some friends, take them on a motor-cycle ride, get home, hang out a little bit, have more s*x. That’s a pretty good day.”

While he mentioned s*x four times in his idea of a perfect day, he also mentioned other, simple things. Whether it is spending time with his friends and family or catching up with a bit of reading, it doesn’t take much for Reeves to have a good day.

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What’s Next for Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves as seen in the trailer for John Wick 4.
Keanu Reeves as seen in the trailer for John Wick 4.

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Reeves has time and again proven that if there is someone in Hollywood who knows what range is, it’s him. Whether it’s comedy, sci-fi, action, or romance films, Reeves has done it all. The past few years have been quite busy for the actor, which is why fans must keep an eye out for his upcoming releases.

Reeves has an interesting line-up ahead of him, including a fourth movie in the John Wick franchise which is set to release on March 24, 2023. A fifth installment has also been confirmed, although no release date is penned down as of yet.

Other projects include the live-action adaptation of BRZRKR, a mini television series Rain where he will play an assassin, and Netflix’s Past Midnight which will feature a new vigilante superhero. The release dates for all these projects haven’t been made public yet.

One thing can be said with certainty, whenever these projects drop, the viewership will be sky-high. Reeves’ history in Hollywood has made it quite clear!

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Written by Mishkaat Khan

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