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Mortal Kombat 11 New Character Reveals

Well after a storm delayed the Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Kast from January 31st to February 5th we finally have some new footage. There were 3 characters confirmed over 3 different events/streams. The events in question were the community event in Brazil, the Kombat Kast, and an Xbox insider stream during the Kombat Kast. Each of these revealed a different character confirmed to be on the roster, so what do we now know?

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First off was the Brazilian community event which happened on February 1st. Most of what we saw was stuff we’d already seen as they mostly did some gameplay with professional players. However there was a skin shown that is exclusive to Brazil, and that skin is a Pirate themed one for Kano. Now there was no gameplay shown with Kano but we’ve been given 2 screen-shots of him, one in the default skin ,and one in the pirate skin. Unfortunately beyond the fact we know he’ll be playable in the game’s main roster there’s been nothing else regarding one of the original Mortal Kombat fighters. This is also true with another of the confirmed fighters.

The next character revealed came from the Xbox’s live stream February 5th. It’s a long stream showcasing many games, the likes of which included Mortal Kombat 11. In the snippet talking about MK 11 Ed Boon dropped an exclusive character reveal for the stream. In this reveal we were given a screen-shot of D’vorah who was introduced in the previous instalment MKX. This is the first of the MKX debut characters to be confirmed playable (yes given the story trailer Cassie Cage is almost a lock), and D’vorah has even received a complete redesign. That’s all for the characters we only got a brief glance at, now for the big reveal of the week.

You can view the Xbox stream Here! (Skip to 49:34 for the Mortal Kombat 11 section)

As most people predicted, the character revealed at the Kombat Kast was indeed Kabal. Unlike the other 2 characters revealed, we actually got gameplay footage of Kabal. Breaking it down it seems as though he’s less of a rush down character and more of a footsies fighter. His regular moves seem to utilise his hook swords on almost every string, and that gives him very good reach. Unlike Scorpions spear which needs to be enhanced to combo, Kabal’s nomad dash still can combo with no meter required. His gas blast has been removed but his spinning blade has been bumped up in utility. it is now thrown like a regular projectile, but it can be thrown mid, low, straight air, and diagonal air. Kabal’s whirling blade special also returns, and has much more fun animations than the MK9 rendition. New abilities shown were a gas cloud, an air dash, and a parry, with more that are confirmed to have not been shown. also noteworthy in his gameplay trailer was 2 new stages showcased. The first appeared to be a Netherrealm throne room with Shinnok’s head in the background. The other appeared to be a Tarkatan war camp, as there are Tarkatans, as well as flags resembling the one Baraka has in his gameplay. Overall I love Kabal’s new design, the only thing I’m concerned with is his very young sounding voice, especially considering the default skin is post burning.

The Kombat Kast can be viewed Here!

What are your thoughts on these new character reveals? Let us know in the comments and tune back next week as there will be another reveal from another Kombat Kast on  February 14th at 3:00 Central time.

Written by Maxwell Mantik

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