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Most Beloved TV Couples That Give Us Relationship Goals

Love always finds its way to stories, regardless of the genre. Whether it’s a rom-com like “Bridgerton” or horror like “Stranger Things”, love is always in the air script. In this large ocean of romantic tales, there are certain couples that leave their mark forever. No matter how many years and generations pass by, Rose and Jack’s bond will always be the face of Hollywood romance. Similarly, the TV industry has given us some of the best and most exciting relationships that are impossible to forget. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, let us look back at the most beloved TV couples that give us relationship goals.


Rachel and Ross- Friends

ross and rachel

Keeping the whole “WE WERE ON A BREAK!” thing aside, Rachel and Ross are the most popular pair in the history of television. They may have fought and broken up plenty of times but in the end, they always found their way back to each other. Even though their relationship wasn’t ideal, it was definitely relatable to today’s couples. We may have been tired of their drama and stupid decisions at one point, but we never doubted their love. No matter how many times Ross got married, Rachel was his first and ultimate love since high school. And no matter how breezy Rachel looked, Ross was always on her mind.

Marshall and Lily- How I Met Your Mother

lily marshall

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HIMYM may have gone a bit overboard with this pair, but they won our hearts anyway. Lily and Marshall were college sweethearts who saw each other grow and evolve through the years. This relationship didn’t just consist of mushy romance, but it showed us how they stuck by each other through all the ups and downs of life. Lily and Marshall weren’t just a couple but a family long before they tied the knot.

Elena and Damon- The Vampire Diaries

damon elena

It’s been about four years since the young adult-drama ended, but fans are not yet done with talking about “Delena”. There are over thousands of fan pages on social media that actively post about Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvator’s most enamoured moments. Even though the show started with Elena and Stefan’s relationship, viewers could always sense the brewing chemistry between her and Damon. TVD fans couldn’t control their excitement when the two characters finally gave in to their passionate thirst for each other. It was a treat to watch Elena’s good girl disposition collide with Damon’s wild and lively demeanour. And considering that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder dated in real life, their on-screen chemistry was 100% authentic.


Chuck and Blair- Gossip Girl


Okay! So Chuck and Blair’s twisted tale didn’t make an ideal relationship, but boy was there heat. Their romance felt both wrong and desirable at the same time. Chuck and Blair were totally made for each other and shared weird telepathy that we’d couldn’t comprehend. In spite of the schemes and fights, they were each other’s permanent homes.

Willow and Tara- Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

tara willow buffy


Being the protagonist of the show, Buffy and her relationships enjoyed spotlight the most. But the couple that touched our hearts was Willow and Tara. Their powerful story earned a fandom of its own. Meeting Tara had transformed Willow in many amazing ways. We saw the shy and meek Willow evolve into a strong witch ever since she found the love of her life. Her feelings for Tara had the power to fuel her strength as well as destroy her. 

Monica and Chandler- Friends

monica chandler

To make a list of iconic couples and not include Chandler-Monica is a sin. Their bond gave a new direction and light to romantic genre. This pair became an inspiration for “best friends falling in love”. Discarding the corny romance and introducing comfort, banter, and frankness totally changed our couple goals. These two characters were poles apart, but for some reasons, they were perfect for each other. Chandler and Monica showed us what we were always looking for in a partner- best friend.


Lucy and Ricky- I Love Lucyi love lucy

It doesn’t matter which generation you belong to, everyone knows this classic couple. Lucy and Ricky are the very reason why the American audience welcomed sitcoms with open arms. Families would gather in front of the TV every week to watch and laugh with this ‘50s show. However, Lucy and Ricky faced their own share of challenges behind the scenes. The network and the producers held reservations for this couple. But the audience clearly proved them wrong. 

Cam and Mitch- Modern Family

modern family cam mitch

Cam and Mitch’s story was not only beautiful but also educative. “Modern Family” is admired by a wide audience for its humorous script and inclusive cast. Watching them grow as a couple, dealing with day to day lives, and finally becoming parents played a big role in the representation of the LGBTQ.


Jim and Pam- The Office

the office

Some may be looking for Monica to their Chandler, but for some, Jim and Pam are the real deal. The adorable chemistry between them left us with butterflies in our stomach. After all, getting married to your crush will only remain a dream for most of us. 

Phil and Vivian Banks- The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

phil and vivian


Phil and Vivian were a wealthy couple who lived in the lavish neighborhood of Bel-Air. They had three kids and also welcomed their nephew (Will Smith) to live with them. Before Janet Hubert was replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid, fans adored the married couple’s spark and chemistry.  

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Written by Ipshita Barua