Most Haunting Squid Game Scenes That Shocked Us To The Core, Ranked

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Squid Games being a survival drama, is filled with shockers in almost every episode. But what are some of the most haunting scenes that are are just way too shocking to pass by?

10. Episode 6 truly is the crown of the show. One of the many emotional scenes in the episode is when Ji-Yeong loses intentionally and gives the win to Sae-Byeok. The scene truly brings you to tears as Sae-Byeok watches the first person she ever opened up to march to her death.

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9. Mi-Nyeo and Deok-Su’s relationship is the epitome of toxicity. When Deok-Su betrays Mi-Nyeo, she keeps the hatred inside. It finally translates into both of their lives ending as she drags him to the fall of death with her.

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8. Even though whoever tuned in to watch a survival show must have expected some thriller, brutal death in the first game itself was a shocker. The killing of so many people and that too so ruthlessly was downright unexpected. It shocked the viewers and the players both alike!

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7. This is the first scene that made almost all of us realize that Sang-Woo probably might be a real villain in the future (he turned out to be much worse). When he suddenly gets a hunch of what the game is- it was expected of him to tell his teammates, especially Gi-Hun. But his decision to keep this life-saving hunch just to himself reflected his selfishness for real.

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6. The Front Man’s Identity: When Jun-Ho set out to find his brother, he faced a lot of unexpected turns. However, when he realized that his brother was the frontman all along, he sure was shocked. It gets more shocking when Jun-Ho gets killed by the same brother he had sworn to save.

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5. Episode 6 of the series is one of the most terrifying episodes of all. But, it’s also intriguing how one episode with least violence is most emotionally traumatizing. One of the most blood-curdling twists was in the marble game. The people who trusted each other the most had to choose their life over their partners’.

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4. Ali’s Death: This is the scene where Sang-Woo becomes the most hated character of all time. During the marble game, when Ali does better than him, Sang-Woo starts to panic. Eventually, he betrays Ali to his death by switching Ali’s marbles with stones. The scene where Ali dies after the horrific betrayal is a real tear-jerker!

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3. Sang-Woo Kills Sae-Byeok: At this point, one wonders if how much more could they possibly hate Sang-Woo?! When Sae-Byeok gets a shard in her stomach, Gi-Hun rushes to get medical help. He only returns to see her in a coffin with a slit in her throat. At this moment, Gi-Hun’s relationship ends with Sang-Woo, and so does Sang- Woo’s morals.

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2. Gi-Hun Misses The Flight: When Gi-Hun finally gets the chance to leave after facing such massive trauma, he notices the man who started it all playing ‘ddakji’ (the paper flip game) with yet another person. This really messes with Gi-Hun. How could all this continue? Hence, he misses his flight, and we get the reason to wait for another season to know ‘why?’.

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1. Il-Nam Being the Mastermind Behind The Whole game!: Nobody ever expected the weakest-looking player to be the mastermind behind the whole game! And what was more shocking was that due to his beliefs being so powerfully ingrained, he didn’t even show any remorse. Il-Nam didn’t regret all that he did, even on his death bed. The scene just showed how you could never truly know who someone really is!

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