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Most Heart-Breaking Supervillain Sacrifices, Ranked

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Supervillains are not always seen as the good guys. Until and unless they have a nanotech bomb attached to the back of their necks, that is. But sometimes even the vilest of scum prove us wrong, showing signs of humanity. Their final acts of redemption are moving and gut-wrenching.

Loki Faces The Void Alone And Dies Saving Asgard

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The Norse God of Mischief has become more of an anti-hero now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But in the comic books he is as bad as they come. On several occasions, Loki has tried to kill and maim innocents and massacre entire cities for his bidding. Although there was one time his conscience came back to bite him where it hurts. When the Void, the evil alternate personality of the Sentry, was about to attack Asgard, Loki used the combined might of the Norn Stones to save his home. Loki’s final act of redemption led to the Void tearing him apart on the atomic level. Loki apologized to Thro for everything he had done before he was disintegrated.

Captain Boomerang Stops Zod With His Dying Breath

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The Suicide squad is an odd gang of heroes. Former villains do not necessarily make for a good role model. Captain Boomerang aka Digger Harkness is an ends justify the means kind of guy. When Task Force X was sent to retrieve a certain cosmic object from an undersea Russian facility, they were forced to evacuate after things went sideways. Boomerang found the object. It was called the Black Vault and it was the key to Zod’s escape from the Phantom Zone. Captain Boomerang stops the Black Vault from letting Zod escape but the latter manages to fry him into a crisp with his heat vision.

Skurge The Executioner’s Last Stand At Gjallerbru

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Skurge the Executioner, in the comics, is more of a sidekick. Granted he has combat skills on par with Thor, he has always followed Amora the Enchantress as her henchman. Amora’s countless plans to win Thor’s heart led to Skurge deciding to part ways. That would eventually lead to his final mission with Thor. Thor and Skurge travelled to Helheim to rescue a few souls. They stopped at Gjallerbru, the final barrier between the land of the living and the land of the dead. Skurge knocked out Thor, who had volunteered to stay behind and stop Hela’s force from crossing the bridge. Armed with a pair of M16 Guns, Skurge fought till his last breath. For his acts of bravery, he was awarded a seat in the halls of Valhalla.

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Clayface’s Shutter Island Moment

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Clayface began his life in the DC Universe with an animated series debut. Basil Karlo has become a regular Gotham baddie ever since. But he too has had a chance to be the good guy again. Batman once recruited Clayface to become one of the members of his extended bat family. A freak accident led to Basil hurting his girlfriend. Glory exposes Clayface as one of batman’s allies and public opinion turns against the dark Knight. Clayface goes out of control and takes teh form of a monster. Cassandra Cain manages to calm him down and asks him to take his human form. She shoots Clayface in the head. Basil Karlo decides to die a hero rather than live long enough to see himself become the monster.

Starro Is Literally Ripped Apart By The Omega Titan

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In Justice League: No Justice, Brainiac kidnaps a bunch of superheroes and supervillains to help save his home world from colossal cosmic beings called the Omega Titans. The Omega titans are discovered to be a universe spanning threat. Martian manhunter and Starro are part of a team Brainaic sends to a part of his home planet to defend. Martian manhunter manages to convince Starro that he could be more than the tryrant people see him as. Starro takes this lesson to heart. he uses the atom’s size changing tech to enlarge himself and fight the Omega Titan. Starro is ripped apart by the latter. Batman later uses the DNA Sample of Starro to create the cute superhero sidekick named Jarro.

Ricardo Jones Saves Reed Richards From The Negative Zone

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In Marvel comics, a lesser known villain named Ricardo Jones exists. Jones has an intellect that is on par with reed Richards. But he never got the fame and recognition of Mister Fantastic. This irritates him. He uses a device he invented called the Duplication Apparatus to siphon all of the Thing’s powers and take his place. His intention is to kill Reed Richards in cold blood. Richards is exploring the Negative Zone with a tether attached to Ricardo Jones impersonating as the thing when the tether breaks. Richards is worried about his friend dying alongside him more than his own life. His selflessness moves Ricardo Jones, who throws Reed out of the portal using his super strength and sacrifices his life instead.

Wonder Man Would Rather Die Than Betray The Avengers

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Simon Williams was once a business rival of Tony Stark who lost all his fortune after being tricked by his brother. The Masters of Evil offered to bail him out of jail in return for him accepting to be a part of an experiment. Simon agreed and was bombarded with ionic rays. he became the avenger we know as wonder man. Wonder Man manipulates his way into the team. After being a part of the earth’s Mightiest heroes’ squad, he has a change of heart. Zemo kidnaps the Wasp and instructs Wonder man to get ready for an ambush. Wonder man, tired of being a pawn at the hands of Zemo, fights back with whatever he’s got. zemo has access to a serum Wonder man needs to survive. Since he betrayed his handler, Wonder Man dies a slow and painful death.

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Baron Mordo Saves Doctor Strange From Cancer

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One of Doctor Strange’s staunchest enemies, Baron Mordo is a force to be reckoned with. Despite all his power, he was still unable to defeat the Sorcerer Supreme. In a final bid, he sold his soul to Satannish and Mephisto for more power. The plan backfired. the influx of so much black m,agic into his body was too much. He was diagnosed with cancer. Mordo’s daughter Astrid used magic in a rather petty way to transfer the cancer to Doctor Strange’s body. Mordo knew the curse of cancer was his to bear. So he reabsorbed the cancer once he got to know of Astrid’s actions and killed his daughter after he learned of her plans to destroy the world. Mordo died a short while later, alone and distraught.

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