‘Most iconic action star – least inspiring trailer ever’: Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Trolled for Painstakingly Mediocre Netflix Series FUBAR Teaser

‘Most iconic action star - least inspiring trailer ever’: Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Trolled for Painstakingly Mediocre Netflix Series FUBAR Teaser
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Arnold Schwarzenegger is a legendary actor who has played several iconic roles throughout his career, and he has gained recognition from several spheres of life. The Austrian Oak has starred in smash hit series such as The Terminator, Commando, Predator, Total Recall, and many more. However, the actor last appeared on the big screen in 2019 while being part of the Terminator sequel.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back to play the action star, and this time he will be returning to acting by making his OTT debut on Netflix to star in a new action-comedy series called FUBAR. In the first-look teaser, Schwarzenegger is shown as a CIA agent, whose family gets in the way of his duties.

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The reaction of the Fans

The first look teaser begins with Arnold Schwarzenegger smoking a cigar, and saying “I’m back, baby” which was a reference to his role in Terminator movies.

A still from FUBAR

The fans of the Predator actor are excited however some of them are disappointed with the first-look teaser, and they have gone to Twitter to share their opinion on the teaser.


A fan states how Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone are always competing with each other through their movies.

A fan comments on how great the actor looks in the teaser.


Another user tweets why this show was not part of Netflix’s “Save the Dates” video.


While everyone was praising how good the actor looks in the teaser, and how excited they are for the series, a fan was not happy because Netflix had one of the most iconic stars in their series but they made the least epic teaser.


Another user states that he likes this version of the star more.

The first-look teaser has received mixed reviews, but that doesn’t mean that the show would disappoint, if the Predator actor is part of the show, then it would not disappoint. 


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What did Arnold Schwarzenegger say about his series?

In a statement released by Netflix, Arnold Schwarzenegger says he had enough of answering people’s questions about his upcoming movie, and this was his first comment regarding his first OTT series. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger in FUBAR
Arnold Schwarzenegger in FUBAR

“Everywhere I go, people ask me when I’m going to do another big action comedy like True Lies. Well, here it is. Fubar will kick your ass and make you laugh — and not just for two hours. You get a whole season.”

The actor has been one of the most iconic stars of Hollywood, and throughout his career, his charisma and personality, along with his physique, even at the age of 75, make him one of the best stars and another reason why this series would be an entertaining watch.


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FUBAR premieres on 25th May 2023 on Netflix.

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