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Most Incredible & Breathtaking Feats of Green Lantern – Ranked

The Green Lanterns hold the Green energy of Will Power within their finger-tips. They possess the universe’s strongest weapon and their job is to act as enforcers of peace. Throughout their span, the Green Lantern has had some pretty amazing achievements. It is time we take a look at the truly God-like feats of Green Lantern.

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Make Kryptonite

The Green Lantern Power Ring is powered by the will power of all sentient life forms in the universe. With such an incredible power source, the Power Ring can generate literally any form of radiation. That also includes simulating Kryptonite Radiation. If the wielder has sufficient will power, he or she can conjure up a construct made out of pure energy that could be a substitute for Kryptonite. When Superman went rogue in Superman: Man of Tomorrow #13, Martian Manhunter read Superman’s thoughts, discovering the formula for Kryptonite. He then gave that information to Kyle Rayner who used that data to create Kryptonite out of thin air.

A Brand New Space Station

The Justice League is bank-rolled by Batman. He has the money and the deep pockets to give the Justice League all their assets. The League even has a space station called the Watch Tower, floating around Earth’s orbit. But the truth is – Green Lantern has also given the Justice League a Space Station and to be frank, his version is a much better one than the original Watch Tower. The Space Station was created by Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern, who made it during the events of Kingdom Come. The Space Station is made up of pure energy and can maintain as well as repair itself. It is bigger than the Watch Tower and has top notch defensive capabilities.

Can Bend Space-Time

For all its powers, a Green Lantern still has to live by the laws of physics. Well that is not entirely true. The Power Ring does provide hyper-space travel. But the universe cannot be covered even if you travel at near light speeds. To protect the entire universe you need to be able to reach there fast enough to deal with the threat. Light Speed will not cut it. So the Green Lantern has the power to generate and travel via wormholes. The wormholes allow for Green Lanterns to send in reinforcements in mere seconds. There are also other ways to use space time anomalies to your advantage if you are a Green Lantern. Veteran Lanterns can even use Black Holes for Space Travel.

Constructed an Army

During the events of Blackest Night, John Stewart was forced to fight an army of Black Lanterns powered by the Black Power Ring on an alien planet. There were only a handful of heroes while there were millions of Black Lanterns. To even the numerical odds, John Stewart did the unthinkable. He used the Green Lantern Power Ring to create a military force of marines made out of pure energy. These Marines were under the mental control of John Stewart, who commanded each Marine’s move all the while fighting the Black Lanterns himself. If you do not understand the gravity of this feat, let us break it down for you, John Stewart created an army that defeated one of the universe’s greatest threats to ever exist. And he did it single-handedly.

Can Re-create an Entire City and Even all the People in it

Hal Jordan has managed to achieve some incredible feats with the Green Lantern Power Ring. There is a reason he will always be remembered as the greatest Green Lantern ever. After Cost City was summarily destroyed, Hal Jordan returned to the ruins of the rubble and recreated his entire home town from scratch. The Green Lantern literally made an entire city using his ring. Hal did not stop there though. The City looked empty with all the vacant buildings. So Hal Jordan went a step further than anybody had ventured to go before, bringing back all the city’s dead inhabitants to life as sentient energy constructs.

Time Travel

Time Travel is a nifty little trick that comes in handy to whoever has access to it. The Flash uses it multiple times in the comics and in the show. The DCEU also showed us the Flash travelling back in time to warn Bruce in the Dawn of Justice Movie. But did you know the Flash is not the only Justice League Member who knows how to travel back and forth in time? The Green Lantern Power Ring is called the Most Powerful Weapon in the Universe for all the right reasons. It can help its wielder create almost anything provided the wielder has enough willpower. Hal Jordan has done it several times. The Power Ring acts as a time machine that once pushed Hal Jordan to the 70th Century!

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Wrapped the entire Earth with Super-Massive Force Field

The Force Field was not to shield the Earth but to stop it from falling apart. To do that, he had to use every ounce of energy within his Power Ring to wrap the entire planet in a massive energy force field. He was responsible for holding it together and sewing up the cracks in the Earth’s Crust while the Justice League had to work together and save it. But wait there is more!! Green Lantern also had the job of maintaining the Earth’s rotation and revolution across the sun. He did it without even a shred of doubt or fear.

Created an Entire Solar System

Due to an unfortunate event, John Stewart was partly responsible for the destruction of the Solar System. As an act of redemption, he mustered up the courage to create another one. And when John sets his mind on something, he does it. John Stewart forced the Power Ring to break past its programming and go beyond its limitations. John achieved limitless power and became a God, creating the Sun, all the planets and even the moon and the asteroid belt out of scratch.


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