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Most Offensive 21st Century TV Show Moments

Most Offensive 21st Century TV Show Moments

In the world of television, controversial subjects are a definite way to win – yet a show can sometimes go too far. There have been certain shows that have crossed the line, ranging from hate-mongering news shows to reality contests and sitcoms. Here is a list of the most offensive TV Show moments:

2 Broke Girls

The short, asexual Asian manager of the restaurant.
The short, asexual Asian manager of the broke girls’ restaurant.

One of the dumbest, most offensive TV show examples, 2 Broke Girls thrives on stereotypes. The most overtly racist move? The manager of the titular protagonists’ restaurant is a short, asexual Asian workaholic. In one episode, Kat Dennings’ character even says, “You can’t tell an Asian he made a mistake. He’ll go in back and throw himself on a sword.” And let’s not even talk about the rape jokes.

13 Reasons Why

An offensive TV show glorifying suicide.
Hannah Baker – the central character of the story, who kills herself.

13 Reasons Why is adapted from Jay Asher’s young adult novel of the same title. And it tells the story of a series of traumatic events leading to a young teen’s suicide. Although anyone watching the last episode will not perceive any glory in the act, 13 Reasons Why is frequently chastised for celebrating suicide. The show’s creators argued that this is a topic that has to be promoted in the public, and that dialing back the show’s inevitable climax would have diluted the show’s crucial impact.

South Park

An offensive TV show surrounding - South Park
Making fun of dead celebrities, with Steve Irwin in the center, with a stingray in his chest. I just can’t…

It’s probably the most controversial and offensive TV show ever. The anarchic cartoon comedy, created by The Book Of Mormon authors Matt Stone and Trey Parker, was clearly not for youngsters. Nothing was pure with Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, and Eric enduring alien anal probes, Chef’s chocolate salted balls, and a Christmas poo. This show covers everything from racism and homophobia to religion and Tom Cruise coming out of the closet. The show, which has always been controversial, is currently in its 25th season and still going strong. Like seriously, what?


An offensive TV show - 24
The Muslim terrorist family from 24.

Over the course of eight arduous seasons, heroic anti-terrorist agent Jack Bauer was tortured in order to safeguard this great nation from all kind of foreign miscreants (and their U.S. government spies). There were various Chinese, Russian, African, and Middle Eastern bad guys featured in this show. However, Season four’s Araz family, the suburban Muslims who turned out to be -wait for it- a terrorist cell, did more to stoke the embers of hatred than any of them.

Bonus: Not Exactly A 21st century Show But We Had To Include This…

Heil Honey, I’m Home

An offensive TV show surrounding Hitler and his Jew neighbours

Poster of the weird, insensitive Hitler-Jew comedy TV show.Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun dwell in Berlin in 1937, next to Arny and Rosa Goldenstein, a Jewish couple. That’s the “funny” setup of probably the worst-conceived and botched sitcom ever. Yes, the British have a habit of producing a terrible taste sitcom or two, and Allo Allo reveled in finding laughter in war-torn France during WWII. However, this offensive TV show was simply insulting, lasting only one episode. Despite this, the show’s creators stated that they were mocking lousy-taste shows.

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