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“Most passionate kiss I’ve ever had”: Catherine Ommanney Claims Prince Harry Will Keep Their Romance a Secret As She is a 34 year old mother of two, Says She Had the Time of Her Life With Harry

Prince Harry had a brief relationship with Catherine Ommanney.

Catherine Ommanney has shed light on her time with Prince Harry during their time in London. The US TV celebrity told the Sun about her having the best time of her life when Prince was 21 years old while she was 34 and a mother of two.
Ommanney had a month-long fling with the Prince and shared kisses during their dates. Both acted like teenagers, and Prince Harry shared about living an ordinary life. The US TV star also opened up about meeting the Prince for few times but always in private bars. Since Harry was 21 years old, she never expected anything further or a relationship.

Who is Catherine Ommanney and what has she said about Prince Harry? | The Sun
Catherine Ommanney and Prince Harry in 2006

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Who is Catherine Ommanney and How did she meet Prince Harry?

I kissed Prince Harry - it was so passionate it left me speechless, it was the best snog I've had in my life | The Sun
Catherine Ommanney

Catherine Ommanney appeared in The Real Housewives of DC, an American reality TV show. She met the Prince in a trendy bar in Chelsea in London in May 2006. Ommanney said, “Harry was wearing an Australian-style hat that made me laugh so I asked him, ‘What are you doing looking like a t*** in that?’

They went on various dates and shared cute moments. The Duke of Sussex made a sandwich for her and talked about dreaming of a normal life. The mother of two told the Sun how she had the time of her life with the Prince. Ommanney describes her kiss with Harry as the “most passionate kiss I’ve ever had”. Prince Harry also insisted to drop her home which she shares with her two daughters after their date.

The two stayed connected through text and bumped into each other in a bar in Kensington. They shared a kiss there while the Prince complimented her. When word of the connection leaked it became the reason for blowing up the romance.

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Prince Harry’s book is expected to be an attack on the Royal Family

Prince Harry To Write An 'Intimate And Heartfelt' Memoir For Penguin Random House
Prince Harry

A memoir book of Prince Harry is a time bomb to the royal family since it will reveal some damaging material about them the author Tom Bower said. Harry has included things about his ex-girlfriends in the memoir. Ommanney had no intention of being mentioned in the book named ‘Spare’ that’s why she lifted the curtain about their relationship.

The book will cover upsetting and heart-touching topics about two little boys who lost their mother. Will take readers back to the twentieth century and bring in front of them the heartfelt image of Princess Diana’s funeral. The book is considered by the royal family as “confrontational” and “yet another attack on the royal family.”

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