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Most Powerful WandaVision Characters, Ranked By Destructive Potential

Wandavision showed us an extraordinary display of characters overpowering each other with their abilities. Here’s a list based on who would be the most capable of destroying one another if they ever face each other.

9. Darcy Lewis, an astrophysicist, brings a technical aspect to the show. She helps them discover and neutralize Tyler Hayward’s plans with her knowledge and skills. Not having any magical powers doesn’t stop her from helping and even preventing Hayward from running away.

Darcy Lewis Brings Science To A Battle Of Magic
Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis

8. When Pietro Maximoff returned to the show, he was greeted with hope for the character’s future after his untimely death saddened the audience. He gains his abilities from a necklace given to him by Agartha Harkness, and he knows how to use it well enough to be a difficult nut to crack.

Pietro Maximoff" Holds Borrowed Powers But Is Still A Challenge
A Still from WandaVision

7. Tommy Maximoff is one of the twin sons of Vision and Wanda. He posses his uncle’s superpower of speed as he was born out of his mother’s chaotic magic. A Young Avenger, he is recruited and given the name Speed.

Tommy Maximoff May Become MCU's Speed
Tommy; Wanda’s son

6. Billy is the other twin son of Wanda and Vision; he inherits the telekinetic powers of his mother. He stop bullets and put SWORD agents out of action. Billy is telepathically attached to his father and can hear him in his mind. He can also foresee the future like his mother. Billy indeed has got the best of both worlds.

Billy Maximoff

5. Monica Rambeau is ordered to investigate Westview’s Hex Anomaly after becoming a SWORD agent and working under her mother. Unfortunately, she falls victim to the hex, which transforms her once she is exposed to it repeatedly. It gives her energy absorption and manipulation skills.

Monica Rambeau Receives Powers From The Hex Wandavision Characters
Monica from WandaVision characters

4. After Thanos kills Vision, Tyler uses Wanda’s chaotic magic to resurrect Vision, but he turns him into a killing machine meant to kill both Wanda and Vision. He possesses the same powers as Vision does except the connection to the mind stone. But that isn’t a setback for him as he can still shoot beams from his forehead, fly, phase through objects, and have superhuman strength.

White Vision Is The Original Vision Programmed To Be A Weapon Wandavision Characters
White Vision created to Destroy Vision and Wanda

3. Wanda created Hex Vision from the Mind stone living inside her. She incorporated all the memories and feelings she remembered and made him as he was before recreating him. They live in a perfect setting just like the old sitcoms she watched. He had his physiology enhanced which made him powerful, but he only existed in the Westview Anomaly. He would cease to exist when Wanda brings it down.

Hex Vision Is A Version Of Himself Created Out Chaos Magic Wandavision Characters
Vision From WandaVision Characters

2. Agatha Harkness is the main miscreant of the series, a witch from Salem who uses dark magic and the Darkhold to take over and paralyze Wanda’s powers. Unfortunately, her ability to absorb everyone’s powers makes her all the more difficult to defeat.

Agatha Harkness Is A Powerful Dark Witch With Centuries Of Experience Wandavision Characters
The witch from Salem Agatha Harkness

1. Wanda Maximoff’s magic has always been astonishing from the beginning when she appeared in the MCU, almost defeating Thanos without any help. In Wandavision, she becomes a nexus being, which means that she could rewrite anything that happened and change it according to her desire. She can change how the universe plays out and recreate an entire person just by using her memories and power. After obtaining the Darkhold, her powers will only increase.

Wanda Maximoff's Destiny Is To Be A Nexus Being, Wandavision Characters
Wanda Maximoff



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