“Most sequels seem to be made for the sake of paychecks”: Mark Wahlberg’s Bob Lee Swagger Response To ‘Shooter 2’, Will Return For Sequel On 1 Condition

"Most sequels seem to be made for the sake of paychecks": Mark Wahlberg's Bob Lee Swagger Response To 'Shooter 2', Will Return For Sequel On 1 Condition
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Mark Wahlberg’s 2007 action thriller, Shooter might not have been an instant hit. But it is a cult classic with many fans voicing how entertaining the movie was thanks to the elements of political ruse, espionage, and intense action scenes. It has been more than a decade since the movie was released, while Wahlberg tried rebooting it on the small screens, avid fans have been waiting for a sequel for long.

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg

It is the era of reboots and sequels, and seeing that the movie has a considerable fan following, a sequel would be the right choice. However, the Transformers star has shown no interest in making a sequel so far but he might return on one condition.

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Mark Wahlberg Will Return With Shooter 2 On One Condition

Mark Wahlberg in a still from the movie
Mark Wahlberg in a still from the movie

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Critics may not have liked Shooter, but fans have loved the action-packed movie. With Mark Wahlberg’s realistic and authentic portrayal of a highly decorated Marine sniper, Bob Lee Swagger, the movie has a considerable fan following. In this age of sequels, Shooter 2 seems to be the perfect direction Mark Wahlberg and Paramount should be heading, but the lead star himself has his reservations about taking such a venture.

While he has made multiple ‘sequels’, and even attempted to bring Shooter to the small screens in the form of a TV series, the actor back in 2007 expressed that he wouldn’t make a ‘sequel’ except for one condition.


“I certainly enjoyed making the character. This was the last movie that I made, and so it’s all very fresh in my head, but I’ve never done a sequel before. It would really depend. If the script was better than the first movie, then it’s worth considering, but other than that, I don’t know. Most sequels seem to be made for the sake of paychecks.”

While he spoke like how Bob Lee Swagger would have reacted in the situation, his comments come across as surprising since he has since starred in many sequels and even made a Shooter reboot.

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Mark Wahlberg’s Shooter Reboot Series

Shooter TV series failed to attract audience
Shooter TV series failed to attract the audience

Even though the Ted star stated he had no plans for any sequel, he came back as Executive Producer for the TV adaptation of Shooter. Based on the same novel by Stephen Hunter, the series received lukewarm reviews and was abruptly ended after three seasons.


Viewers of the series highlighted the series’ lack of ‘true’ adaptation from the source material as well as its less intense and less gritty storyline in comparison with the movie. Even though the series had a strong cast and explored the story of Bob Lee Swagger in-depth, it failed to woo the audiences.

It seems like the story of Swagger isn’t meant for the TV screens and fans would rather have it back on the big screen with Wahlberg reprising his popular role.

Shooter can be streamed on Netflix.


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