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Most Sizzling Female Actors Over 50

Most Sizzling Female Actors Over 50

We hear the quote “Age is just a number” often. But these ladies prove it right. Looking at these female actors, it is hard to believe that they are over 50. These actors have managed to keep their hot charm well into their 50s. They are gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, and oh-so-hot. That they put the younger female actors to shame.

Whatever their secret maybe, all the ladies want in on it. These female actors have managed to defy logic and the process of aging. They are still killing it with their beauty and looks. These ladies could beat a supermodel with their looks any day. Here are a few female actors who have managed to look hot even in their fifties.

Elizabeth Hurley is still killing it at 56

Elizabeth Hurley one of the hottest female actors over 50
Elizabeth Hurley

The British actress, businesswoman, and model, Elizabeth Hurley played the role of the Devil in Bedazzled. And rightfully so. Because only the devil can look so hot at her age. The gorgeous actress is best known for her role in the movie – Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Also, she gained media attention when she wore the black Versace dress held together with golden pins in the London premiere of Four Weddings and A Funeral. She modeled for Estee Lauder in 1995 and now has her own bikini line in 2005. And just another and another bikini. The actress is still rocking the world with her hotness and definitely is one of the hottest female actors over 50. And can manage to put the younger models to shame.

Christie Brinkley has still got it at 68

Christie Brinkley one of the hottest female actors over 50
Christie Brinkley

Looking at Christie Brinkley, it is almost impossible to believe that she is anywhere near 50 let alone 68. She is an American model, actress, and entrepreneur. In her recent photo on the beach in a bikini, we can see that she is one of the hottest female actors over 50. She was the face of CoverGirl for about 25 years and was on the cover page of over 500 magazines. Then, she went on to become an actress, photographer, illustrator, designer, television personality, writer, and activist. Magazines like Allure have named her one of the most attractive women of all time. Even Playboy readers added her to the list of 100 sexiest women of the 20th century in 1988. And that she is to date, one of the hottest women.

Michelle Pfeiffer is still stunning at 63

Michelle Pfeiffer one of the hottest female actors over 50
Michelle Pfeiffer

Known for playing a wide variety of electric roles in different film genres, Michelle Pfieffer is one of the most prolific female actors of the 1980s and 1990s. Her acting career began in 1978 and has won a number of awards for her acting over 40 years career span. Not limiting herself as the pretty one, Pfeiffer has played a number of roles in action movies as well. One of the most notable is Catwoman in Batman Returns. She even became the highest-grossing actress of the decade in the 1990s. She even won Academy Awards for her role in movies like Dangerous Liaisons and The Fabulous Baker Boys. Awarded a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, as she remained one of the most bankable actresses of Hollywood for four decades. She has been titled one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Courteney Cox slaying it with her looks at 57

Courteney Cox hottest female actors over 50
Courteney Cox

known internationally for her role as Monica Geller, Courteney Cox is one of the hottest female actors to date. For her performance in FRIENDS, she was nominated seven times for the Screen Actors Guild Award. And won one of them. She later played Gale Weathers in the Scream franchise. And was recently seen in Scream 5, reprising the same role. She is a TV star, producer, and director. She made her directorial debut with the Lifetime drama film TalhotBlond. Also did a cameo appearance in it too. She has also produced the black comedy film, Just Before I go. As we remember her from back when she started playing Monica Geller in FRIENDS, looking at her now, she is still that hot. And if possible, she is getting hotter day by day.

Monica Bellucci is still so hot at 57

Monica Bellucci hottest female actors over 50
Monica Bellucci

The Italian actress and model, Monica Bellucci is one of the hottest female actors out there. And no one doubts that. The beauty began her career as a model. And did modeling work for Dolce & Gabbana and Dior. Then she shifted to acting. First in Italian movies and later moved to American and French films as well. She started her acting carer with small roles in movies like Bram Stroker’s Dracula and La Riffa. She became noted as an actor with her role as Lisa in The Apartment. And was nominated for a Ceaser Award for the same. She has starred in a number of Hollywood movies like The Matrix Reloaded and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. At the age of 50, she became the oldest blonde girl in the James Bond film franchise.

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