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Mother Of Two Demonstrate Her Experience In A Comic Book

Recently a mother had found a way to express her experience of her lively-hood by creating a comic book. In the comics she has demonstrate how being a mother is at times hilarious but also stressful some times. As being a mom is really a tough job, like taking care of your children, helping them with their studies, cooking for them and more over teaching them about the values of life. So Joseph Adeyinka the mother of two kids has created three installments of a comic book based on her life. And there is a fine twist in this comics as she hate drawing people, she has created an animal world where some of the latest trends are still appropriate and are there in her day to day life. So let’s read the third installment about Adeyinka’s life.

20. Copy Cats Remastered:

19. Though Choices:

18. The Cardboard Dreams:

17. The Mom Groups:

16. Mother’s Day:

15. The Neighbours Kid:

14. Learning The Fundamentals(Harry Potter Style):

13. Some Dark Secrets:

12. That Irritating Fly:

11. Seeing The Dentist:

10. Prized Possessions:

9. Toy Review:

8. That Smell Though:

7. Redshirting:

6. Being A Baby Sister:

5. Some Privacy Please:

4. Overworked:

3. Keeping Up Appearances:

2. The Magic Word:

1. Making Things Right:


Source:  Joseph Adeyinka



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