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“Movie formula 2022: Play theme song, make witty jokes”: Indiana Jones 5 Trailer Has Fans Convinced Everyone is Just Copying the Marvel Movie Formula

Indiana Jones 5 Trailer Has Fans Convinced Everyone is Just Copying the Marvel Movie Formula

Indiana Jones 5 is here for the win although a few among the fandom are left confused as to exactly what that means. While some are in love with the signature Indy-style action and a lot of whip-cracking, both literally and in terms of wit, another faction of the fandom seems to believe that the James Mangold film has copied the blueprint of what makes a Marvel movie successful. The fifth installment will be set in the late ’60s and the titular hero will return, albeit reluctantly, for his last adventure around the world.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023)
Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023)

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Indiana Jones 5 Trailer Promises One Last Epic Storytelling

It has been 15 years since we last saw Indiana Jones donning his fedora and taking down the bad guys with a single crack of his whip. But the fourth installment was neither well-written nor well-executed, almost as if Harrison Ford had grown weary of leaping from waterfalls and foiling evil international plots. The fifth and last film, however, brings back the nostalgia, the signature Indy action adventure, and whip-smart wit that made the first three films give shape to a loved franchise.

Indiana Jones 5
A still from Indiana Jones 5

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The official trailer to Harrison Ford’s last bow as the archaeologist adventurer is now out and the feel of the late 60s is present throughout the visually captivating scenes. With a grand vision, Mangold takes our protagonist on a ride of his lifetime — on horseback and train tops, through railway tunnels and ticker-tape parades, and of course, underground. But amid all the classy cars, the space race, and the Nazi beatdowns, a slow thrum of the age-old John Williams theme music plays out in its epic scale (Harrison Ford had once famously walked onto the stage and said, “That damn music follows me everywhere”), before gradually coming to a climactic finale with Indy dodging a dozen men aiming and firing at him point blank.

Indiana Jones 5 takes place in two parts where the beginning of the film opens with the titular daredevil archaeologist de-aged drastically to fulfill an arc that takes place in 1944. In a classic replica of the George Lucas and Steven Spielberg vision, director James Mangold takes the plot back to the Raiders-end era before locating our current Harrison Ford in 1969, at the height of the Cold War, the Space Race, and in the aftermath of the Apollo 11 mission.

Harrison Ford returns for one last whip-cracking adventure in Indiana Jones 5
Harrison Ford returns for one last whip-cracking adventure in Indiana Jones 5

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Fans Call Out Indiana Jones 5 For Replicating Marvel Recipe

In what has been an unforeseen turn of events, the official trailer of Harrison Ford’s finale, Indiana Jones 5 has been drawing some unwarranted reactions. Fans have been impressed by the look and feel of the movie which promises to transport them back to the era-defining original trilogy, but upon further inspection, it looks as if the overall narrative of the film is somewhat emulating the formulaic Marvel movie recipe — big action sequences with a slow build-up of the theme song in the background.

Whatever the groundwork laid down in the film, the Indiana Jones fandom is quick to get on board due to the obviously epic showdown that Mangold promises in the franchise’s closing ceremony. Harrison Ford takes his last bow and gives his all to make Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny a worthy finale. The fast pace of the movie, as per the trailer, looks indicative of the original trilogy, and Harrison Ford’s Indy takes the last swing in the twilight of his onscreen and off-screen career with a cinematic narrative that promises a volley of nostalgia, remembrance, and farewell.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny premieres on 30 June 2023.

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