Movie Guru Blames The Snyder Cut Phenomena as Zack Snyder’s Big Return With Rebel Moon Gets Trashed by the Critics

Zack Snyder and Netflix's marketing move may have backfired quite brutally!

Movie Guru Blames The Snyder Cut Phenomena as Zack Snyder's Big Return With Rebel Moon Gets Trashed by the Critics


  • Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon: Part One received disheartening reviews from critics and several people
  • Snyder and Netflix tried to recreate the Snyder Cut magic but the move backfired completetly.
  • Fans asked on X why Snyder had to create two cuts of the same movie if it was going to be on a streaming platform only!
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A person by the name of Joe Russo (not the director of the Avengers franchise) has had it with critics trying to crash Zack Snyder’s films as the recently released Rebel Moon gets a mediocre score. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Joe Russo did not hold back in targeting Variety and their lists and critics for dissing movies!


Talking about the list titled “Worst Movies of 2023” created by Variety Magazine Joe Russo (not the director) tweeted that it is hard making movies already and these lists are trash. Russo further continued that Netflix tried to recreate Zack Snyder’s The Snyder Cut phenomenon but it backfired quite badly!

Zack Snyder on the set of Rebel Moon
Zack Snyder on the set of Rebel Moon. Credit: Clay Enos/Netflix

Fans Have Had It With Critics Hunting Down Zack Snyder

Joe Russo (not the MCU one) is also a filmmaker with several short films to his name. Being an expert in movies, Russo couldn’t help himself but defend Zack Snyder’s latest magnum opus Rebel Moon. 

Director Zack and producer Deborah Snyder
Director Zack and producer of Rebel Moon, Deborah Snyder. Credit: Clay Enos/Netflix

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In the tweet, Joe Russo talked about how Netflix tried to recreate the Zack Snyder magic by withholding the Snyder Cut version of Rebel Moon from the audience. As per the fan, the move by Netflix is what disturbed fans around the world and was part of the reason that Rebel Moon did not receive the expected ratings.

As expected, fans were clearly divided into two sides with one side claiming that Zack Snyder is a genius while others calling the director a greedy person. With Netflix withholding the director’s cut of Rebel Moon, fans took to X to blame Netflix for Snyder’s problems while others defended the movie and Zack Snyder.


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Fans Blame Netflix For Zack Snyder’s Alleged Failure!

A still from Rebel Moon
A still from Rebel Moon

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With a director cut on the way, fans were left wondering why Zack Snyder and Netflix released the original version of the movie first. It would have made sense to release the director’s cut since it was a streaming platform and this is why fans of Snyder were divided against themselves.


Only Snyder and Netflix know what they are going to do with the film. At the time of writing, Rebel Moon sits at a rating of 6.8/10 on IMDB and a meager 24% on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie is currently screening in theaters after which, it will be available to stream on Netflix from 21st December 2023.


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