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Movie Prequels That Were a Massive Improvement Over the Original Films

It can be challenging to write a solid prequel. The movie needs to outperform the original, or in some situations, revive a struggling series. When it boils down to the visuals and effects, many studios believe that more is better, and screenwriters frequently resort to recycling older script themes. Despite this, some of the best movies are prequels and sequels. Here are the top 5 prequel films that outperformed their original versions:

1. The fourth instalment of Fast and Furious:

Movies prequels that were better than the originals.
A scene from the trailer of Fast and Furious 4.

It was evident from the very first Fast and the Furious film that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker’s on-screen rapport was the key to the series’s popularity. However, the second film was without Diesel, while the third film was lacking Walker and only included an short appearance by Diesel in return for access to the Riddick series. Diesel and Walker ultimately reconciled in the fourth film when Dom and Brian were compelled to work together once more. Despite the fact that the film itself was subpar, their bromance was better than ever before.

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2. Annabelle Creation:

Movies prequels that were better than the originals.
Poster of Annabelle: Creation.

Annabelle: Creation is a significant improvement over Annabelle. It  has more than enough to keep you up in the dark thanks to some superb horror moments and impressive acting by the youthful ensemble. The movie has a great Gothic mood, luxurious and ominous set design, and chic cinematography. Surprisingly, the paranormal illusions are also really effective.  The director adds a certain creepiness and mystery, as well as considerably more speed and fluidity, that weren’t there in Annabelle. The plot is intriguing, and even though the characters aren’t properly developed, they at least have personalities and are simpler to identify with.

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3. Casino Royale:

Movies prequels that were better than the originals.
Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig.

Casino Royale, which marked one of Daniel Craig’s first performances, is frequently cited as being among the greatest James Bond movies ever made. Even though it’s somewhat of a remake, it also acts as a prequel to many of the earlier movies. Casino Royale takes a serious viewpoint on who James Bond was prior to becoming the renowned secret agent. Giving 007 a clear past gives the character a distinctively human and intimate edge, which gives Craig’s performance additional depth and force.

4. 2011’s Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes:

Movies prequels that were better than the originals.
2011 American science fiction action film directed by Rupert Wyatt.

The 2011 American sci-fi action movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a relaunch of the Planet of the Apes franchise from 20th Century Fox. It is difficult to imagine a better film than this one in the whole series, as it excels in almost every category. It surpasses all expectations since the apes and human battle sequences are so captivating and lifelike. This makes for an incredibly entertaining movie. The acting, CGI, and voiceover work were all of the highest calibre. It unquestionably serves as a great predecessor to the originals.

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5. The Godfather Part II:

Movies prequels that were better than the originals.
Poster of The Godfather: Part 2.

Since the plot alternates between the contemporary Corleone family operations and the Godfather’s early years, The Godfather: Part II is not a strict prequel. Although it is frequently cited as the best sequel of all time, the fact that it also serves as a prologue lends it relevance to our list. The essential point is that Vito’s story gives the first movie a lot more perspective and backdrop, despite being tragic and interesting. The first film is a masterfully crafted drama about the numerous mafia groups in New York City. This film, which provides a very well-grounded and concentrated portrayal of the godfather, masterfully expands upon that storyline.

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