Movie Set Disasters: Some Of The Worst Mishaps

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Not everything sails smoothly on movie sets. Doing action and stunt scenes can be very unpredictable. Here are 10 of the worst disasters on movie sets.


1. Citizen Kane: While filming a scene, Orson Welles fell from a height of around 10 feet and hurt his ankle so badly that he was put in a wheelchair for the next two weeks.

2. Rocky IV: Sylvester Stallone was admitted to the ICU for nine days following a fight scene with Dolph Lundgren. Apparently, he asked Dolph to forget the fight choreography and go freehand for the first minute of the fight.


3. Whiplash: During a scene, Miles Teller knocked over J.K. Simmons so relentlessly that he ended up with broken ribs.

4. The Hangover Part II: While leaning out a car’s window, Stuntman Scott McLean was hit by another vehicle. He incurred critical brain damage.

5. A Clockwork Orange: The apparatus used in the Ludovico Technique didn’t just appear but was actually very painful. Malcolm McDowell complained that it scratched his cornea leaving him unable to see for some time.


6. Super Mario Bros: Drunk while shooting, Bob Hoskins was involved in a truck accident and was left with a broken arm.

7. Das Boots: Jan Fedder was left with broken ribs after he lost grip and fell from the submarine model. The director said “Good Job Jan, we’ll do that again” without realizing it was an accident.

8. Resident Evil- The Final Chapter: A motorcycle stunt that led to an accident cost stuntwoman Olivia Jackson her arm.


9. Harry Potter: Harry’s stunt double, David Holmes broke his neck during a flying scene rehearsal at the last movie set. He was permanently paralyzed from the neck below.

10. Midnight Rider: A crew member, Sarah Jones lost her life following an accident on the railway tracks. The crew went through a series of disasters after it trespassed the railroad to shoot and encountered a severe collision with a cargo train.

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