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Movie Fan Theories So Thrilling They Deserve An Award!!

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Fans sometimes come up with the craziest theories for their favorite movies. Most of them are trash but some of them sound so damn plausible they completely change the way we look at our favorite movie franchises. Here are our best picks of the lot.

Sid Became a Garbage Man in Toy Story 3 To Save Toys From the Trash

theory toy story 3

In Toy Story, Sid wakes up to a horrible revelation – all the toys he had been torturing since forever are actually all alive. Fast forward to Toy Story 3 and 15 years later, the same Sid is now the Garbage Man we see in the movie. There have been several accounts by Garbage Men where they revealed they have found many interesting things in other people’s trash. Sid knows that most of the people would throw away their toys after they were worn out or damaged. So he made it his personal mission in the Toy Story universe to save as many toys as he could from being dumped and ‘killed’. He became the Garbage Man of his neighborhood for the very same reason.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi Was Not Lying About R2-D2 in Star Wars

theory obi-wan kenobi

Luke Skywalker brings the droid R2-D2 to Obi-Wan Kenobi, to which the latter says that he never remembers “owning a droid”. In the later installments to the franchise, it is shown that Obi-Wan knew R2-D2 so his statement in that movie does not make any sense. Fans thought that this was before Lucas planned the sequels. But this theory claims that Obi-Wan meant what he said in the movie. But it was interpreted wrongly by the fans. What he actually meant was that no one is worthy enough to ever own a droid like R2-D2. In the prequel movies, R2-D2 saved Obi-Wan a lot of times and was one of his staunchest allies. That controversial line was actually a show of respect for the droid. Obi-Wan was stating that R2 is a friend and he could never own him.

Peter Parker Has the Superpower of Mending his own Suit

theory sam raimi spdierman

One of the biggest plot holes of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy was Peter’s ability to repair the high quality Spider-Man costumes on his own every time he leapt into a fire or was dragged through the mud. How could Peter afford to get such high quality repairs to his suit considering he was just a teenager that was barely making ends meet? He has no experience in sewing as well. The answer to that plot hole might be easier to find than you think. The Spider-Bite gave Peter Parker the powers of a spider. Spider-‘s are known to be excellent weavers, spinning intricate webbed nests they call their humble abode. Spider-Man already produced inorganic webbing from his mutated wrist glands. It is very much plausible he also gained expert seamstress skills.

Mr Incredible was Able to Defeat the Omnidroid Because It was Meant for Frozone

theory incredibles

In The Incredibles, Mirage is seen spying on Mr Incredible and Frozone when they rushed into a building on fire to save people. There Frozone claims that he is not able to use his freeze powers because there is no moisture left for him to use. They somehow escape the building unharmed. Mirage, seeing that Mr Incredible is also with Frozone, calls up Syndrome to have a change of plans. They then decide to change marks and go after Mr Incredible instead. During his fight with the Omnidroid in the island, Mr Incredible easily dodges all of the robot’s attacks when they hop into a Volcano. After the robot is defeated, he asks why the Omnidroid was even attracted to the Volcano in the first place. The Omnidroid was programmed to fight Frozone, not Mr Incredible. When it learned it was out-matched, it went back to its original programming to look for counters. Its programming stated that fire is the weakness of the ‘enemy’ it is fighting, not realizing it was not Frozone the Omnidroid was trading fists with.

Dementors Are Attracted to Harry Potter Because His Body Has Two Souls

theory harry potter dementor

In the Harry Potter Universe, Dementors are paranormal creatures that5 feed on the souls of unsuspecting humans. For some weird reason, they seem to be attracted to Harry Potter a little bit more than the rest of the folks. It is even mentioned in the movies and the books that the Dementors cling to Harry’s scent more often than not. And this theory claims there is a very logical explanation why. Since Harry was cursed by Voldemort and holds a part of his soul, Harry’s body literally has more soul than other humans. So the Dementors are attracted to Harry Potter because they get to harvest two souls for the price of one.

The John Wick Franchise Will Have Five Movies, Each Corresponding to 1 of the 5 Stages of Grief

theory john wick

The John Wick movie series began with the death. The puppy’s death was only a symbol of what it truly represented. Wick, the biggest and baddest Hit-Man of the Underworld was still reeling from the loss of his wife. When the final memoir of his wife died in his arms, he vowed revenge. Before the events of John Wick 1, Reeves’ character lived as if nothing had changed and his wife would come back in some way. That’s Denial. In John Wick 2, he goes on a war path. It represents Anger. In Parabellum, John Wick is begging all his connections to help him overcome the new threat. That signifies Bargaining. The Fourth Film will see Wick reel from the betrayal of his near and dear friends, becoming a shadow of the man he used to be. That’s Depression. The fifth and final movie will be about Acceptance, where Wick moves past his grief, living (or dying) honorably, riding off into the sunset.

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The Bat Signal Is Not a Signal For Batman But a Warning Shot For Criminals

theory batman bat signal

The more you think about it, the more it makes sense. Criminals operating in the dead of night would like to remain hidden. They operate in the shadows because they donot want to be get caught. If they see that the Gotham City Police Department has switched on the Bat Signal, it means the holy hand of Vengeance is coming for them. The Bat Signal is visible from every faraway corner of Gotham City. If the GCPD wants the help of Batman to capture a thief or a burglar, why would they want to announce it to the whole city? The theory states that the Bat Signal does not always mean that Batman is in way. It serves as a deterrent to the criminal elite of Gotham. Sometimes the GCPD shines just for the sake of it when things go out of hand. All of this just to make sure everyone stays in line.

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