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Movie Villains That Didn’t Deserve The End They Got

In the end, justice does get served. But sometimes, movies feature villains who didn’t deserve the harsh forms of punishment they are given. Even though they’ve committed grave offenses, they were still ill-treated. Check out these movie villains who didn’t deserve the end they got.

1. Lady Deathstrike

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In X2: X-Men United, Lady Deathstrike dies with the heavy injections of adamantium pumped into her by Wolverine. Even though killing her removes a significant threat, none of us can deny that she acted violently because of being brainwashed. Therefore, she didn’t deserve such an explicitly graphic end over actions she couldn’t control.

2. Electro

movie villains

In the movie Amazing Spiderman 2, Dillon doesn’t deserve his punishment because he was pretty lonely and without friends. What he required was good therapy. He needed someone to help him and talk to instead of being used, manipulated, and ignored by those around him.

3. General Hummel

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General Hummel seems dangerous throughout the movie The Rock, but he was a good man at heart. As an expert of the Marine Corps, he’s justly angry about the poor treatment of his fellow Marines. Sadly, his conspirators aren’t as moral and harshly remove the General, so he can’t prevent them from following through with the original plan.

4. Ed Rooney

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Ed Rooney’s biggest sin in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is that he was doing his duty as his school principal. Is that so wrong?

Although he goes a little too far in saving Ferris, he is disgraced and hitching a ride on a bus filled with students. He honestly didn’t deserve that end because it was clear that Bueller is the real villain and not Rooney throughout the movie.

5. Erik Killmonger

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Erik Killmonger in the movie Black Panther is considered as one of the most memorable villains in the MCU franchise, as he chooses death over bondage. He’s a sympathetic character born into a troubled life and only desires to help fellow beings to break free from the same oppression he faced while growing up.

6. Senator Robert Kelly

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In X-Men, Kelly turns into a mutant. Except, the mutation doesn’t fully establish, and he horrifically transforms into water. In some ways, his death proves that his fear of mutant-kind is justified. Also, in other ways, it portrays what could have been avoided if he worked with Xavier and his school of mutants from the beginning.

7. Gollum

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Gollum’s story is purely tragic as his dependency on the One Ring turns him into a dreadful monster. He knows not of the power it holds within, and the Ring instantly taints him, causing him to murder his cousin. Finally, Gollum gets is killed by lava. But he didn’t deserve the end he got because, after all, he was just a victim of Sauron.

8. Jonas Miller

In the movie Twister Jonas isn’t really a villain. But still his demise happens swiftly and brutally. He gets trapped in the car, is picked up by the twister, and succumbs to a massive explosion.

9. Vulture

Among the list of movie villains, Vulture is one unlucky guy in Spiderman: Homecoming. Vulture ends up in jail only because he wanted to give his family a better life.

10. Sid in the movie ‘Toy Story.’

Sid is just a child who likes to play with toys, and yeah, he even destroys them. But how would he know that they’re not just toys but are secretly alive? So, therefore, the end Sid got was not really what he deserved.