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Movies: 2021 Movies People Had High Hopes For But Were Disappointing

The amount of promotions these actors and movie makers do for their films is insane. They aim to create hype for their upcoming movie so that the audience is excited and of course, they get good sales. But what happens when they’re successful at creating the hype but not delivering? What happens when you get the audience too excited but the movie isn’t up to the mark? The audience is disappointed. So, here’s a list of 2021 movies that people had high hopes for but were disappointing. Check it out! Also, if that one movie that you were excited about disappointed you, please comment below!

1. Eternals

Movies: Eternals
Movie: Eternals

Fans are divided over this movie. But the truth is, they tried to put so much in one single movie that they sort of messed it up. They should’ve rather gone for a TV series that could have various episodes and seasons. This way, they could explore all the characters in the movie that made up the new superhero team, Eternals.

2. Halloween Kills

Movies: Halloween Kills
Movie: Halloween Kills

The whole plot of the movie was a mess. It took various elements from the past Halloween movies. So it was nothing fresh. Moreover, they made the same mistake this time as well. This movie has some very graphic imagery and violent scenes. So, it doesn’t fit every audience. It was good for a few people in the audience, but it wasn’t that inclusive.

3. The Guilty

Movies: The Guilty
Movie: The Guilty

Jake Gyllenhaal fans were excited to see him act in this movie. But the movie turned out to be a disappointment. It is a remake film that has nothing from the original film. The audience found the movie to be boring and unreal. Maybe they gave it a watch because of their love for the overly talented Jake Gyllenhaal. Otherwise, it was a disappointment. Moreover, there was a plotline in the film suggesting people with mental illness are ‘dangerous’. No wonder why the audience isn’t glued to the film!

3. The Suicide Squad

Movies: The Suicide Squad
Movie: The Suicide Squad

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad was nothing like what the DC fans wanted. Well, the fans are divided over this too! Some feel it was fresh for them. While some thought it was idiotic. They didn’t find the jokes funny, the plot was a mess for them, they didn’t see real violence or suffering, just effects, and CGI. Overall, this movie was a disappointment for many!

4. Army Of The Dead

Movies: Army Of The Dead
Movie: Army Of The Dead

This movie got an IMDb rating of 5.7/10. This explains a lot itself. The audience didn’t like the plot, the dialogues, almost everything about this movie. There were a few plotholes that couldn’t be ignored. Moreover, the performances by the cast were not that great either. It was difficult to finish watching this film.

5. Cinderella

Movie: Cinderella
Movie: Cinderella

Well, this movie did not settle with anybody. Neither the critics gave a good rating, nor did the fans like it. It has an IMDb rating of 4.2/10 and a Rotten Tomatoes score of 42%. From the plot to the acting to the effects, everything was a disaster. Also, who believes in such fairytales nowadays even?

6. Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Venom: Let There Be Carnage
Venom: Let There Be Carnage

This was a disaster. They included all the crazy scenes in the trailer to make the audience excited. We all thought there’s going to be much more, but we were wrong. It was nothing like its predecessor. Also, Venom and Eddie have been in two movies but still haven’t sorted their thing out. The action was underwhelming in the movie. AND, most importantly, they wasted a character like Cletus Cassidy. They could’ve done more to it. But they didn’t. Why? That’s because the time of the movie was short!