Movies And TV Shows You Should Never Watch With Your Parents

There are a lot of movies and T.V. shows that we know will for sure make us uncomfortable when watching them with our parents. Movies like 50 Shades Of Grey are the ones we are supposed to steer clear of. But there are a few movies that unexpectedly have such scenes which will make us uncomfortable when being watched with parents.

Here is a list of a few such movies and T.V. shows which you should avoid watching with your family if you don’t want to pretend to be using your phone when an inappropriate scene comes up:

1. American Pie(1999)

Most people now know that “American Pie” is not the best movie to watch with family. But when it came out, at first everyone thought it was just another teen comedy movie until they started watching it. The movie was very loved by the audience and earned big at the box office. The plot of the movie basically follows four high school seniors as they attempt to lose their virginity before graduation.

2. The Wolf of The Wall Street

The wolf of the wall street seems like any other movie about a market investor making huge amounts, which it is. But it also has more swearing, nudity, and drug use. You can watch it with your parents if you appreciate a three-hour-long lecture on drug use and reckless behavior. The movie performed well in the box office and also earned five Academy Award Nominations.

3. Sausage Party

A lot of parents thought their kids might love the movie Sausage Party since it’s animated. But being an animated movie doesn’t make it a family movie. This movie shouldn’t be watched with parents.

4. Team America

Team America is a comedy about the United States politics and has puppets as actors which might make it funny and safe to watch with your parents. If you think it is safe to watch puppet sex with your parents sitting next to you then you should plan a movie night with them.

5. Watchmen

Watchmen, set in history during the cold war follows a group of retired superheroes as they investigate a conspiracy against them. Although superhero movies are safe to watch with parents, they are not supposed to have sudden twists like extreme violence, gore, and lots of nudity. Also, the slow-motion sex between two superheroes might last an eternity.

6. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Based on the best-selling novel which goes by the same name, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is about a journalist who investigates the disappearance of a wealthy woman around forty years ago. But that’s not all, it part from the investigation it has two graphic rape scenes one of which also has the use of a sex toy.

7. Gone Girl

Gone Girl is just another movie that can be disguised as a movie that is safe to watch with family. The movie follows the story of the novel of the same name, where Nick Dunne becomes the primary suspect in the disappearance of his wife Amy. Although it is a psychological thriller there are a few minor sex scenes and some graphic violence.

8. Deadpool

Deadpool might look like any other superhero movie, but you won’t realize what it has for you till you actually sit and start watching it. Unlike the other superhero movie by Marvel or DC, Deadpool is most appropriate for a mature audience only since it has a lot of graphic violence, sex, nudity and strong language.

9. True Blood

True Blood has a lot more than just vampires. It is full of sexual scenes-bondage, threesomes, orgies. The opening credits itself features half-naked women and more inappropriate stuff.

10. Black Swan

There is no way a ballet movie can have an awkward viewing experience, you think so probably because you haven’t watched the Black Swan yet. Overall it’s a great psychological thriller about a ballet dancer who slowly loses her grip on reality as she competes for a spot in Swan Lake. However, it gets uncomfortable when it reaches a graphic sex scene.

11. Neighbors

This should’ve just been another comedy movie since it stars Seth Rogen who is often confined to parent-appropriate movies. However, it has excessive drug use and a particular sex scene that might make everything awkward.

12. Basic Instinct

Basic instinct is just like any other movie on the list featuring plenty of sex scenes, drugs consumption, and violent scenes than there should be for it to be a family-safe movie.

13. Borat

The movie was a huge success and even got nominated for the oscar. The features all sorts of awkward conversations about sexism, prejudice, politics, and more. If the conversations are not enough, there’s a scene of two naked men fighting over some pictures.


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Written by Muneer

Muneer is an Indian writer at FandomWire who plans to visit all countries in this world to eat the food on their streets. Obsessed with joggers, he sings and plays the strings too.