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Movies So Disturbing, It’s Difficult To Finish Them!

Movies So Disturbing Its Difficult To Finish Them

For years, Hollywood has come up with a countless number of movies. Some make us happy, some sad, some scare the hell out of us, while some fail to impress us. But there are a few movies that are so edgy that it’s difficult to even complete them. You might just want to exit the theatre or shut down your Netflix! They’re disturbing on almost all levels. IF you happen to complete them, then you must be having an iron will OR maybe you’re evil. Whatever the case is, you deserve congratulations. Those of you who haven’t watched these movies, do it at your own risk. So, here’s a list of movies that are so disturbing that it’s difficult to finish them. Check it out! Also, we happen to not include every movie here, so let us know in the comments which movie is disturbing for you.

1. Veronica (2017)

Movies: Veronica
Movie: Veronica

Paco Plaza’s Spanish-language horror film ‘Veronica’ made headlines in March 2018. It was said that people couldn’t make it through the entire thing. It was almost rumored that some viewers were plagued by deadly nightmares for days. In fact, it is said that this movie is loosely based on a real-life story.

2. Teeth (2007)

Movies: Teeth
Movie: Teeth

The movie is about an advocate who is suffering from ‘vagina dentata’. Basically, it means, she’s got teeth down there! Moreover, the film’s sex scenes are not just uncomfortable but are squirm-inducing.

3. mother! (2017)

Movies: mother!
Movie: mother!

The film portrays infanticide, cannibalism, and both emotional and physical abuse. Jennifer Lawrence’s character faces the most brutal attacks on her as the film unfolds. She’s burned, battered, and dying. The same happened with her baby who was killed by her husband’s fans and eaten. Well, these are enough reasons to walk away from the theatres.

4. Raw (2016)

Movie: Raw
Movie: Raw

The movie is about veterinary student Justine who’s a pure vegetarian. However, she’s forced to consume meat as part of a hazing ritual. But her cravings are not limited to raw chicken. It is something different. Her craving was satisfied when her sister Alexia accidentally cuts off her finger. Justine first hesitates but finally eats it. Her cannibalism didn’t stop here with a finger, it went ahead!

5. Caligula (1979)

Movie: Caligula
Movie: Caligula

Caligula is based on the Emperor of the Roman Empire who wasn’t a nice guy. He used to have sex with one of his sisters and prostituted the others, fed criminals to wild animals, caused famines on purpose, slept with other men’s wives, and bragged about it later. This surely doesn’t sound great. Then how do you expect it would look great visually?

6. The Great Ecstasy Of Robert Charmichael (2005)

Movie: The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael
Movie: The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael

The movie is thoroughly unpleasant. It has two gang rapes. It is said that when the sexual assault scene was screened at Cannes, it prompted a mass walkout! Looks like the audience had it enough.

7. Hereditary (2018)

Movie: Hereditary
Movie: Hereditary

It’s hard to watch this horror film not just because of its horrific scenes but also because the pain of the characters is very real. When the scares start dropping, the movie becomes unbearable.

8. Irreversible (2002)

Movie: Irreversible
Movie: Irreversible

This movie is just unbearable. It has two rape scenes, out of which one is 10-minutes long. Secondly, they discuss abuse, incest, and murder frankly. As if these are everyday topics to discuss. Thirdly, the movie uses infrasound that we don’t hear, but our bodies register anyway. This makes us feel anxious and distressed. Over 250 people fled Canne’s premiere of the movie!