Movies With Long Run Times That’re So Good You Never Even Realize The Credits Started Rolling

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Movies with long run times tend to be hated by audiences. But these ones manage to game the system. These movies with long run times have become a staple of pop-culture, beloved all across the globe.


The Lord of The Rings: The Return Of The King Is The Greatest Fantasy Movie Ever Made

Return Of The King

Peter Jackson‘s Lord of the Rings trilogy is rife with exceptionally lengthy movies. A story of innocence, hope, glory, honor, and friendship, the Lord of the Rings movies are a gift to humanity. They are the unrivaled kings of the fantasy genre. Of the three movies, Return of the King is perhaps the best of the lot. There’s a reason the movie is so critically as well as financially acclaimed. The movie dives directly into action sequences and cuts to the chase. The scenes do not feel drawn out or over-stretched. The movie was never wantonly made lengthier. It just so happened to become that way and we wouldn’t change a thing.

The Godfather Part II Creates Enough Tension In The Theater Thick Enough To Be Cut With A Knife

Godfather Part II

This may be an unpopular opinion but The Godfather Part II is arguably Francis Ford Coppola‘s greatest movie. He poured his heart and soul into making this project a reality. The story, the visuals and cinematography, the screenplay and even the script radiates so much class. The atmosphere is creates its exceptionally enthralling. The aura of suspense and dread, something movies with long run times, generally tend to lose out on, are well preserved in The Godfather Part II. Earlier, critics claimed the movie was too dragged out. But modern theorists claim that the long run time of the movie actually helps its case.


Avengers: Endgame Was A Project More Than A Decade In The Making


The reason Endgame ended up being so long was because it was the culmination of several story arcs scattered all across the MCU over a period of more than ten years. When all of them came together, what we got was an flamboyant and extravagant comic book movie arc that defied all expectations. Endgame was not necessarily better than Infinity War. But Marvel Studios banked on force-fitting a series of gasp-able moments that ended up becoming the talk of the town way after the viewers left the theaters. Endgame is the classic example of how to do a cinematic universe right.

Once Upon A Time In America Is A Masterpiece Of Violence

Once Upon A Time In America

The director Sergio Leone is well-known for his infamous spaghetti westerns. But his greatest contribution to the world of cinema is Once Upon A Time In America. Movies with long run times are his forte. Leone outdid himself with this crime drama thriller that gave us a glimpse at a never before explored age in American history. There are actually three versions of the movie. The US version was 139 minutes long. The European edit was 229 minutes while the extended director’s cut was 251 minutes. Critics have universally panned the abridged US release version while they have all universally applauded the Extended cut as a crime drama masterpiece.

Schindler’s List Is A Historical Drama That Never Bores

Schindler’s List

Say what you will but the greatest masterpiece of Steven Spielberg was never E.T The Extra-Terrestrial. His magnum opus will always be 1994’s Schindler’s List. Who knew historical dramas could be so captivating to watch on screen? Movies with long run times tend to have redundant and unnecessarily drawn out scenes. But with Schindler’s List, everything just fits in perfectly. Every scene in the movie has been crafted with such poise and passion that it leaves you teary-eyed. By the time the credits roll, you are either looking for the tissue box or the rewind button.

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