Movies You Hated As A Kid But Relate More To As Adults

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Most of us were movie buffs from the get-go. We loved watching movies growing up as kids. So much so, that we watched films that were not particularly made for, or enjoyed by kids our age. We all were very curious at that age and are were intrigued by all sorts of films. Even if these films tackled more mature premises.


In all of this, we watched many films that we disliked. Whether for want of maturity or knowledge, these films were not of our liking. However, when we gave them a re-watch, as adults, we could relate to them. Today we look at 5 such films that we hated as kids, but could relate to more as adults.

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey

Films we hated as kids but like as adults
A poster of 2001: A Space Odyssey

This film is widely regarded as one of the best made. Consistently ranking among the all-time greats. To be fair, there were several aspects of the films we may have loved as kids. Namely, the stunning visuals, which remain unmatched, parts of the story, the thrill, and the tension. However, the plot at crucial times escaped the best of us (as kids). The beginning and the ending were baffling and without comprehending them, it was not possible to make sense of the plot.


For all its visual glory and achievements, the story required a certain level of knowledge and understanding. Which we, as kids, didn’t have. Nevertheless, in our late teens/ early adulthood, many of us ended up falling in love with this film! The plot, like other aspects of the film, was mind-blowing. Also, some technical aspects of the film required basic scientific literacy, which was a bit too advanced for our age as kids.

2. Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

Films we hated as kids but like as adults
A still from the Movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This film was a shade different from its prequels. It was darker and scarier. Scarier by a good margin over the earlier ones. As kids, many of us found it too disturbing for our liking, and many of us were caught unawares. The theme and content of the film were much darker. However, as adults, this film stands out amongst the rest. It is frequently cited as a favorite amongst older fans. The death eaters were not fun at that age.

3. Hercules

Films we hated as kids but like as adults

Disney’s Hercules was released with much fanfare. However, many of us kids were not impressed. The film seemed a bit strange and wasn’t the fun we expected it to be. Later on, as adults, we could better appreciate the movie and its charming presentation. The amazing performance of James Woods as Hades was also better appreciated a little later on. The soundtrack was the icing on the cake!


4. Aliens

Films we hated as kids but like as adults

Aliens were awesome. A little too awesome for many of us as kids, though. The film was TERRIFYING!! A film better stomached by our older peers. It still gives me the shivers. I’m certain, it has given countless kids nightmares of Xenomorphs scrawling out of ceilings. Many have been scarred for life. xD  Aliens was very scary and could have been enjoyed better by us a little later.

5. American Psycho

Films we hated as kids but like as adults
A still from The American Psycho

Now American Psycho was billed as the ultimate horror film. People were expected to get very, very scared watching that film. It was based on one of the most frightening and disturbing novels written in America. All of this hype created a huge expectation in our minds. Alas, many of us may have felt let down as kids. First of all, we were not supposed to have watched it, and if we did, it was a disappointment. The film was not as scary as its hype had let us believe. I’m sure most of us had watched far spookier movies by then. The fact was, American Psycho had a much deeper fright to it, which we could have better appreciated later in life.

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