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Ms. Marvel Actor Iman Vellani Is Not Too Happy About Kevin Feige’s Decision in One of the Most Criticised Marvel Movies of Phase 4

Ms. Marvel Actor Iman Vellani Is Not Too Happy About Kevin Feige's Decision

Iman Vellani, the up-and-coming actor who has already taken the MCU by storm with her chaotic energy and her extroverted personality, is also the protagonist of one of Marvel’s most diverse projects to date. Not only did she bring Kamala Khan to the screens in all her boundless optimism but was bursting at the seams with energy and, well, opinions. Lots of them.

Although the former was reserved for mostly the series, the young actress has vocally shared her bottomless cauldron of comments, inputs, constructive criticism, and areas of improvement when it comes to Marvel and Kevin Feige’s universe. And now, the matter has landed the formative superhero in the contentious field of Harry Styles’ blink-and-miss cameo in the Eternals mid-credits scene.

Iman Vellani
Iman Vellani

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Why Harry Styles’ Eternals Cameo Shouldn’t Be Discredited

To claim that the Harry Styles cameo in MCU’s Eternals was a disappointing one would not be a complete truth. Sure, the pop star has a fanbase that rivals every other fandom in the music industry, but his allure extends beyond song and cinema.

The Don’t Worry Darling star has quickly become a darling for the press and people alike, not merely because of the on-set drama behind the lens of the Olivia Wilde thriller, but because of his iconic fashion sense, humility in the face of global stardom, promoting non-toxic masculinity, and for his unequivocal support of the LGBTQIA+ community, which even extends to Styles helping his fans come out to their friends and family on his live tours across Europe and America.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

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It’s no wonder that Eternals director, Chloe Zhao, too had recognized in herself an inclination towards the Hazzah fandom, and by extension, realized the enticing potential of the pop star being a perfect personification of Starfox/Eros. It also helped that the vast magnitude of the fandom associated with the former One Direction member (those who were not already MCU fans) also strolled into the theatres to catch a glimpse of the singer. Although the latter might be a fleeting reason for profitability at the box office, the implication of having Harry Styles as Eros is vast and not without its fair benefits.

Iman Vellani Comments on Harry Styles’ MCU Character, Eros

This is where the convergence begins of one of the most outspoken young members of the Marvel family and one of its most short-lived characters. Technically, Eros, the biological brother of the Mad Titan Thanos, still lives within the MCU. But Harry Styles’ claim of not finding the prospect of Hollywood fulfilling might be equivalent to Eros taking an extended leave from the mainstream universe. When Iman Vellani was asked what her opinion is on the matter of Styles’ character and his future in the MCU, she replied:

“I feel so weird about it. I don’t know. It’s strange. I really wonder if they’re going to go ahead and do something with his character or if they just teased it for the sake of it. Because I know Chloe Zhao is a big Harry Styles fan… but then you have all of the Harry Styles fandom in the MCU fandom. How chaotic would that be?!”

Harry Styles as Eros
Harry Styles as Eros

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Granted the chaos wasn’t as noisy as it was made out to be, but the presence of Eros is one that is definitely beneficial to the MCU in the long run. Kevin Feige’s decision to not exploit that character would be a foolish step given how powerful Starfox is in the comics and his affinity towards lending a helping hand to the Avengers in certain situations. Since Kang the Conqueror’s ambition has already started seeping into the universe, Eros will not only prove a powerful ally but also appeal to the masses for his anti-heroic personality, one that’s unredeemable in its entirety and yet attractive for not being a complete boy scout (re: Loki).

Eternals is now available for streaming on Disney+.

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