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Ms. Marvel Theory: Kamala Khan’s Bracelet Is an Eternals Weapon

Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel has already made a big effect on the character and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, receiving positive reviews from the audience. Previously it was predicted that the Disney+ series would be modifying Ms. Marvel’s powers following the comic book storyline. While there were speculations that the modifications were made to prevent confusion about Mr. Fantastic’s powers. It is possible that it was formulated so that Kamala Khan can assemble a relation to the MCU’s Eternals.

Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan MCU
Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan in MCU

The possibility is there because, in the comics, her powers include stretching and growing her body. And this is very similar to Mr. Fantastic, although she made the power on her own and became an iconic character. The series has modified this ability as more like hard light offshoots, and if you notice it seems to appear from a bracelet that she wears. According to the story, the bracelet seems to be a family antique, but it can also imply that she has a connection to the Eternals!

Ms. Marvel’s Theory Indicates Bracelet Is an Eternals Artifact

Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan's powers
Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan’s powers

That particular bracelet seems to be a reference of interest amongst the Khan family. Because, when she asks her mother about it, her mother comes to be very infuriated and has it put away in the attic instantly. This may reflect that her mother knows about the powers that the bracelet holds, and wants to hide it away from her daughter.

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This reference connects with The Eternals as it helped to develop many fabled cultures while they were working with humans. It is possible they could have developed some artifacts to help humans. Kamala khan’s ancestors may have obtained one of these artifacts and kept it as a family gem. When she puts the bracelet on for the first time she gets surrounded by an atmosphere same as the Eternals when they use their powers. This concept relates also to a constant theme amongst the Eternals, following Thena conjuring spears and shields in the debated 2021 movie.

Kamala Khan's bracelet powers connection to The Eternals
Kamala Khan’s bracelet powers connection to The Eternals

If her powers are connected to the Eternals, it will make it a much more interesting and prominent part of the MCU. This will also encourage Phase 4 to feel like a continual storyline, instead of unique pieces, as fans watch her journey further.

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