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Ms. Marvel Officially Confirms That Mutants Are in the MCU

It is officially confirmed by Ms. Marvel that Mutants are in the MCU. There is confirmation that there will be a major introduction of X- Men. Kevin Feige had teased at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019, that the mutants will return back in MCU when the deal was complete by Disney-Fox which saw X- Men return back to MCU. This led the fans to debate about how the mutants would be introduced in the MCU, or when would they be introduced.

Wolverine Hugh Jackman Taron Egerton
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine from X-Men

There were speculations like whether it would be X-Men or Scarlet Witch. There were a few indications of introducing mutants like using the location of Madripoor, which is a classic X-Men location, but mostly the mutants were ignored until now, in Ms. Marvel’s finale.

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Ms. Marvel’s debut in MCU

Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel

In Iman Vellani’s solo debut in the MCU, Ms. Marvel’s origin has been a major question since the beginning. The concept and plot were blurred about how exactly she received her powers, and how Ms. Marvel linked her powers to the bracelet she wears. This also suggests that her powers may be extraterrestrial, like Kree, or she could possibly have connections to Djinn. There has also been debate on the topic of whether the MCU would make Ms. Marvel a mutant. The discussion of her powers which might be genetic and Ms. Marvel season 1 episode 6 takes that speculation further.

At the end of Ms. Marvel, Kamala has a talk with Bruno about her origin, and after that Bruno looks further into her origin comparing her genes to her family. It is then that he realizes that there is something different and he says it’s like a mutation. That was more than enough to confirm that Ms. Marvel is a mutant plus there’s also a theme song from X-Men: The Animated Series, which proves the point that mutants are in the MCU now.

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Why does Ms. Marvel use the X-Men theme song?

Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel in the MCU.
Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel in the MCU.

Ms. Marvel is not a mutant in the Marvel Comics, instead, she is an Inhuman, an ancient offshoot of the human race that came about as a result of Kree’s experimentation. The confirmation that the mutants will be in the MCU does not come just from the word mutation. The real confirmation comes from the rift between the X-Men: The Animated Series theme song. The use of the song in Ms. Marvel hints at the point that it will be used as an X-Men theme across the MCU.

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When will the mutants be introduced in the MCU?

X-Men '97
X-Men ’97 Animated Series

The first question that arises after introducing mutants in the MCU is when will Marvel use X-Men? With Professor X being introduced in Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness, it does not exactly show X- Men properly since Professor X was from another universe.

There is no firm news on when X-Men will be introduced in Marvel as of now. There is a confirmation that X-Men will be introduced, but maybe that will take a little time. We can expect that to happen by 2023 or 2024.

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Written by Kathakali Sarkar