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The Marvels Set Photos Reveal Iman Vellani’s Return as Ms. Marvel After Season Finale

Ms. Marvel is now going to be in the MCU project, which looks like it gave the world the first mutant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although Ms. Marvel has her Inhuman origins in the comics, it looks like her future with Marvel Studios might have a different path in mind for her character. There was a big development in the closing minutes of the series apart from Kamala’s genetic reveal.


Ms Marvel Iman Vellani
Ms. Marvel Iman Vellani

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What are the developments in Iman Vellani’s character?

Imani Vellani as Ms. Marvel
Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel

The finale of the series had a post-credit-scene and it has set the stage for Kamala Khan’s time over on The Marvel’s next year. Whilst Kamala was laying in her bed, she noticed her bangle started acting funny. When she stood up, she had frantically whipped away with Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers having suddenly taken her spot, and then Ms. Marvel was nowhere to be seen.

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These huge developments in her character mean a film debut for Imani Vellani probably. There are some released set photos from her next appearance as Ms. Marvel might provide some new information to the audience.

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What do the Marvel set photos mean?

Ms. Marvel

The first thing that catches everyone’s attention is how Kamala is in a new costume. She had her signature look, as seen in Ms. Marvel’s advertising made by her mother. There is an emotional attachment to that costume. The show’s finale might be the only time the fans will see it.

After seeing Iman Vellani in a new costume, we can assume that she is probably just doing fine after swapping places with Carol Danvers. Although the question arises of what exactly happened in the first place?

As we can deduce, there can be a Kree connection, as the first bangle, the one that Kamala was seen wearing on her wrist was originally found on a blue arm, which can be the arm of a dead Kree. Carol Danvers is connected to that alien race, so she could have practically found the second bangle. Maybe while using it she accidentally made a connection with the other bangle which might cause the two to switch positions.

There are a lot of Kree connections, but the question of mutants also arises. Will Marvel somehow connect the Inhumans and the mutants together?

All these questions are yet to be answered, and it will only happen with the release of the finale of Ms. Marvel on July 28, 2023.

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