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MS. MARVEL Review: Iman Vellani Steals The Show


If there was one word to describe Marvel Studios’ latest ambitions, it would be experimental. Ms. Marvel is the sixth Marvel Studios’ series to appear on Disney+, and it’s just as down to earth as its precursors. Following Moon Knight, which was a smash-hit, Ms. Marvel has tough shoes to fill, shoes that will seemingly be filled rather quickly. 


Ms.Marvel takes on an exciting and vibrant journey, unlike anything Marvel Studios has done before. As a New Jersey native myself, it was very exciting to see the city of Jersey City portrayed so well, even if the series was filmed in Atlanta. Judging by the trailers we knew this show was going to be colorful, but WOW! From Kamala’s new powers to the general atmosphere and cinematography, we’re thrown into an entirely new look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Pair this with storytelling aspects that make the series look like it’s straight out of a comic book, and Ms. Marvel may be the most aesthetically pleasing entry into the MCU to date.

What a lot of shows and films fail to do when attempting to portray a high school dynamic, is actually portray a high school dynamic. More often than not we’re thrown into the loop of what seems like adults trying their best to live again in their golden years. That is not the case at all though with Ms. Marvel. It’s not just not awkward, it’s perfect, as most of the cast are portrayed by people who are actually in the age group they are representing. While this hasn’t been an inherent problem in the MCU, with Tom Holland playing one of the best renditions of a teenage superhero ever on the big screen, it’s good to know Marvel and Disney aren’t shy about going younger.

If you’re a fan of the MCU, then by now you’ve heard some of the controversy surrounding Ms.Marvel’s new powers. That being said, I’m here to tell you that you have nothing to fear, as I genuinely believe her new powers are better than the latter. While her old “stretchy” powers are something that will be missed, her new abilities feel more in tune with the other “Marvels” 

Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan is, and I can’t stress this enough, PHENOMENAL. As we’ve seen plenty of times, winning over the collective love of the MCU fanbase is a difficult task to accomplish, but Iman Vellani’s performance has done none other than blow critics away, including myself. Joined by her powerhouse co-stars (Saagar Shaikh, Yasmeen Fletcher, Matt Lintz, Rish Shah, Zenovia Shroff, Mohan Kapoor, Laurel Marsden), Ms. Marvel and its cast seem to be looking to plant their roots in the MCU early. The series also includes Orange is The New Black, star Alysa Reiner, who certainly comes into the picture with a splash. Accompanied by Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Arian Moayed, the cast of Ms. Marvel is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Ms. Marvel is a show that is aimed toward a younger audience than typical MCU releases. That being said Marvel Studios has found a way to bridge the gap, creating a story that’s just as compelling as its predecessors. MS. MARVEL will air weekly on Disney+ beginning June 8, 2022.

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Written by Elijah Boxhill

Elijah Boxhill is a critic and author for Fandomwire. Elijah is also one of the hosts of the FandomWire comic book based podcast, Comic Book Saga. Twitter: @OpticalCinema TikTok: @OpticalCinema Instagram: @ElijahBoxhill