Ms. Marvel Secretly Reveals The Infamous Shoe Thief From Second Episode


Marvel’s Disney+ series Ms. Marvel is back with the second episode and we’re getting into the story further with the new easter eggs dropped by the franchise. MCU’s new superhero Ms. Marvel has already debuted saving two people till episode 2 but the second part has this particular sequence of the infamous shoe thief who got affected by indirect karma.

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Recapping the first episode, the show introduces Kamala Khan, a Pakistani teenager living in the US, who is obsessed with Captain Marvel. She gets a hold of an old bracelet that belonged to her grandmother in the junk box where her things are kept and ends us harnessing strange powers which she calls “hard light,” as it comes out as hard purple light constructs.

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Using her powers, she saves Zoey who is almost crushed by Thor’s hammer in the AvengerCon. This makes her quite popular as “Nightlight,” as the show still has to give her a proper Ms. Marvel title.

This first incident will become the core of the second episode as the Department of Damage Control came to know of her existence and greets our new superhero in the second episode.

Ms. Marvel and Infamous Shoe Thief Connection

Ms. Marvel
Episode 2 infamous shoe incident from the Disney+ series

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Kamala Khan along with her BFF Nakia went to the mosque where the latter got her shoes stolen, “somebody stole my shoes,” to which one of the passersby reveals, “the mosque shoe thief has struck again.” These Versace shoes that belonged to Nakia are seen later in the same episode when our superhero saves a child from the danger which enlists her second heroic act after saving Zoey.

The boy whom our superhero was saving turns out to be wearing the same shoes as the one which belonged to Nakia. This was one of the indirect reveals Marvel shared in the series while the boy indirectly got the consequence of the same as mentioned by some of the Twitter users.

Here are a few of the tweets mentioning the same incident.


How Helping The Boy Brings Ms. Marvel Her Closer To The Bracelet’s Secrets

Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel
Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel

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During the night of the Eid celebration, Kamala Khan went to talk to her aunties to learn more about great-grandmother Aisha. However, this scene halts when a young boy cries for help as he’s about to fall off a tower. Our superhero went for his rescue by putting on her Captain Marvel cosplay from AvengerCon which she wore while saving Zoey and after twists and turns, saves the child.

The major plot twist comes when Kamran who’s Kamala’s crush seems to introduce our superhero to her mother which seems to be the same woman who is appearing in her visions.

Ms. Marvel’s second episode is available on Disney+.

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