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‘She’s Such a Young Character’: Ms. Marvel Director Hints Kamala Khan Will Gain New Powers in The Marvels

Just a few days have passed since we got the conclusion of the six-episode-long Ms. Marvel saga. The show earned a decent response from the audience and critics most of whom praised the unique style of storytelling and editing approach taken by the show. Iman Vellani’s acting as well as the occasional vibing Bollywood numbers in the background also garnered a lot of appreciation. Now with Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel set to appear in The Marvels, the directors Adil and Bilal reveal how the character will get upgraded in her next venture in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel
Kamala Khan’s story is completely changed in MCU

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Ms. Marvel will get Upgrades:

Kamala Khan
Kamala Khan to get some new powers in Future

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According to a recent interview with The Direct, the directors Adil El Arabi and Billal Fallah revealed that Ms. Marvel will see a lot of upgradation and growth in herself. Kamala Khan’s a young character and just the tip of the iceberg. They even went on to reveal that one day they want to reach the level of their favorite Spider-Man: No Way Home with this character:

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“The bar is there, and also the audience can grow with Kamala Khan, with Ms. Marvel, because she’s such a young character, and that’s what always is in the back of our mind, getting to the quality of that movie.”

Further El Arabi pointed out that still there’s a big road in front of the character and she has to see a lot of changes in her powers and a great lot of potential she will discover in her to which Bilal Fallah remarked that it will result to more significant action sequences:

El Arbi: “And I think, power-wise, we saw just the tip of the iceberg of Kamala Khan. I think there is so much more she can do, and on that front, I think there’s a big road for that, some more spectacular power.”

Fallah: “A great can of action sequences.”

Even though the directors revealed it now, it was pretty clear from the show that Ms. Marvel is such a character who is always on a path of improvement. From the first episode only as she discovered her powers, she started to hone her skills and always performed better than before.

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Now with Kamala Khan’s appearance being set in the next installment of Captain Marvel titled The Marvels, we will see her fighting the bad guys alongside Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers and it will be exciting to watch how much her powers improve in the future.

Ms. Marvel’s Future in MCU:

Heavy Spoilers from Ms. Marvel Episode 6 are ahead!

Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel.
Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel to appear in The Marvels

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In the last episode of the series, we saw Ms. Marvel fighting against the Department of Damage Control officials and at last, becomes successful in overpowering them. On the other side, as Kamran gets to know about his mother Najma, he also gets enraged at Kamala.

Following a battle sequence between Kamran, Kamala, and DODC officials, we got to watch Kamran somehow reach Karachi whereas Kamala gets to know from her best friend Bruno that she is going through some mutations, and in a subtle way we are introduced to The Mutants in MCU. So now it is officially confirmed that our MCUs Kamala Khan is a mutant.

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In a post-credit scene then we got to watch our Kamala Khan gets swapped with Captain Marvel in her room with the message of Ms. Marvel returning in The Marvels movie next year and it can be expected that this movie will present Kamala with some exciting new powers.

All episodes of Ms. Marvel can be streamed exclusively on Disney+ while The Marvels is slated to release on 28 July, 2023.

Source: The Direct


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