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Ms. Marvel Will Reportedly Start Filming Next Fall

Ms. Marvel Will Reportedly Start Filming Next Fall

According to an exclusive repor from DiscussingFilm, the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel is set to begin filming in September 2020.  They also claim that Bisha. K, who is known for her work on Hulu’s Four Weddings and a Funeral remake, is the showrunner. 

The series was announced at the D23 Expo alongside Moon Knight and She-Hulk. Based on DiscussingFilm’s report, it would seem as though Ms. Marvel will be the first of these three to air on the platform. However, it does not look like the show will be part of Phase 4 as Kevin Feige claimed that the entire line-up for the fourth phase of the MCU was announced at San Diego Comic-Con. 

This means that Ms. Marvel will likely be a part of Phase 5. Whether it will include Marvel’s newest hero, Captain Marvel, is currently unknown.  However, Kevin Feige did say that Kamala Khan will jump from her own series into the films. 

Image result for ms. marvel logo
Ms. Marvel Logo Unveiled at D23 Expo 2019

“Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, Muslim Pakistani teenager from Jersey City, is coming to the MCU. It is remarkably exciting for us. You will meet her in her Disney+ series, and then you will see her in our films.” 

She is an incredibly recent character in the comics, first appearing in 2013, but she could be appearing in the films very soon based on DiscussingFilm’s report. Where she will appear first is unknown, but she could debut in Captain Marvel 2 if it isn’t another prequel. 

With Marvel Studios introducing Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, it is possible that they are gearing towards a potential Young Avengers film in future. However, that is entirely speculative, and nothing has been said on future Avengers teams. 

Are you excited to see Kamala Khan in the MCU? What other young heroes do you want to see debut? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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