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Ms. Marvel Writer Desperately Wants Paul Rudd For The Scott Lang Podcast in the Series

Ms. Marvel is a relatively recent addition to the Marvel comics, but she’s proved to be such a sensation that she now has her own Disney+ series in the MCU. Due to Kamala Khan’s preoccupation with the Avengers and her famous love for Carol Danvers, the series is also serving as a tribute to the Avengers inside the MCU. While Captain Marvel is Kamala’s biggest hero, she also knows a lot about the other of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, including the Ant-Man figure who initiated the notion of saving half of humanity.

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Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel

Paul Rudd is one of Marvel Studios’ well-known actors who is still active in the evolving MCU. Scott Lang has his own podcast within the MCU called “Big Me Little Me, A Scott Lang Interview,” which Kamala utilized for research when making her 10-part Avengers video series, as revealed in Episode 1 of Ms. Marvel. As it turns out, the team behind the new MCU series is now fully committed to turning that podcast become a reality.

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Ms. Marvel writer wants Paul Rudd’s MCU podcast

Bisha K. Ali
Bisha K. Ali

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Bisha K. Ali, the head writer for Ms. Marvel, stated her strong wish to see this podcast become a reality and wondered why the MCU couldn’t “expand into podcasting” more actively in the future. She attempted her best to persuade Ant-Man star Paul Rudd to genuinely cooperate with her on bringing the fictitious podcast into the real world by sharing her personal fascination with podcasts and referring to them as her “relaxed space.”

“I’m desperate to listen to this podcast and desperate to make it. Like, also, why shouldn’t the MCU expand into podcasting? Like fiction podcast? I mean, Paul Rudd, what’s up? Let’s do it. I’ll write it, you just sit in a booth. It’ll be a good time. I would love to hear it. And also because — I don’t know, it can’t be for everyone, but for me, podcasts are my relaxed space. Like I’m obsessed with podcasts. So yeah, I can see Kamala just sitting around listening to it all the time. I’d love to make it.”

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Paul Rudd is aging backwards
Paul Rudd

Ali talked about how she’s been a fan of Ant-Man “for a long time,” hinting that this podcast may have an impact on Ms. Marvel in future episodes.

“I was obsessed with Ant-Man for a very long time, which is why you’ll see in further episodes how that comes into play. And the fact that that’s the solution just makes my heart soar.”

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Ms. Marvel’s head writer expressed her want to work on the podcast series, nearly pleading with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige to allow her to write it and contact Rudd directly.

“I’m desperate. I’m desperate to be like, ‘Kevin [Feige], please let me write the podcast and call Paul Rudd!’ I bet we can get him to do it. I bet you anything he’d record a podcast for us.”

With multiple films and Disney+ episodes already in the works for the next several years, it’s unlikely that Marvel Studios would pursue its own podcasts within the MCU. But a series with the type of comedic talent that both Rudd and Ali have demonstrated in their time in the MCU would be a hit with audiences.

The first episode of Ms. Marvel is now streaming on Disney+, and Episode 2 will debut on Wednesday, June 15.

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