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Mulan: First Disney live action to receive a PG-13 rating

Mulan (2020)

The live action remake of Disney’s classic Mulan received a PG-13 rating, because of violent sequences. 

The movie promises to show a real badass Mulan, which earns it a PG-13 rating by the Motion Picture Association of America. Mandy Walker, the cinematographer of this upcoming live action film opened up about the epic way the film was made. Speaking about everything being shot in front of the camera, Walker said, “We had 60 horses and 100 people for each side of the battle- so we had it for real, which I think you can really tell in the movie that it’s not just extensions or CGI.” She also revealed that Liu Yifei, who will be portraying Mulan on the big screen, did almost all of her own stunts, including “the horse riding, the sword fighting, the martial arts, the battle sequences”. 

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Out in theatres March 27, Mulan seems to be moving away from the classic retelling of the story. This differs from the path followed by most directors and screenwriters of live action remakes. Directed by Niki Caro (Whale Rider, The Zookeeper’s Wife), Mulan will differ from the Disney original in many ways. Caro decided to leave the Chinese warrior’s sidekick, Mushu, out of the remake. In an interview with Digital Spy, She declared that there would be no update of Mushu, as he is “irreplaceable”.

Disney's Mulan (2020)

The director also decided to leave the musical part out of this one. She said during a recent interview, “(…) back to the realism question- we don’t tend to break into song when we go to war. Not that I’m saying anything against the animation. The songs are brilliant, and if I could squeeze them in there, I would have. But we do honor the music from the animation in a very significant way.”

Indeed, we’ve been able to hear an epic instrumental version of “Reflection” in the trailer. Let’s hope that this is how they’re going to pay tribute to the songs of the animated original. Niki Caro continued “I guess that’s the biggest thing for me about making – remaking – an iconic title like Mulan in live-action. It’s the fact that it can be real, and it’s the real story of a girl going to war.” We can already envision this epic movie and how different it is going to be compared to the others Disney’s remake. 

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