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‘Must suck to be as stupid as you’: Netflix To Put a Price on Password Sharing in Early 2023, Affecting at Least 100 Million Users

'Must suck to be as stupid as you': Netflix To Put a Price on Password Sharing in Early 2023, Affecting at Least 100 Million Users

Netflix has been a platform that offers a magnificent amount of content for every age group and every genre. It allows options to both binge-watch and take one’s time to finish a series as well as enjoy all sorts of movies. The streaming service keeps updating its work to make it a better platform for the audience.

Arcane, a popular show on Netflix

However, now it may seem that one step that Netflix will be taking would be going against what its viewers mostly prefer. Netflix is seemingly going to put a stop to password sharing, which has been posing a major loss in sales for the company for a long time now. What the users had been dreading has finally come to be due to inevitability.

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Netflix Will Be Charging Extra For Sharing Passwords

Netflix had been planning on adding charges on password sharing for a long time now and almost did it seeing the decline in sales. This was stopped during the lockdown as sales instantly skyrocketed due to the increase in home screenings. In 2022 the sales dipped by a lot as password sharing became the immediate form of using the platform. This was seen with friends or family members and so on.


The CEOs of the company are also aware of the impact that this decision might have on their viewership and how much backlash they would face for it. This step would be initiated during early 2023 and seeing that over a hundred million people use Netflix by taking someone else’s password, it would majorly affect users worldwide. The company will now charge extra if a password is being shared to bring their sales back up again.

The Sandman FandomWire
A still from Netflix’s The Sandman

The main motive for doing so also revolves around the fact that it wants to make sure the users know the value of it as a streaming service. It is no question that it is a platform that provides a lot of content and keeps with it a numerous set of franchises that the audience is eager to watch. Netflix originals like The Umbrella Academy and Arcane grip the viewers and make them want to further dedicate themselves to the platform.

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Users Are Highly Disappointed Because Of Netflix’s Decision

The concern of how families that live apart could use Netflix and how traveling individuals would access the streaming service was common among almost every user. To this, the company has stated that these specific users could let Netflix know about the matter and it would be dealt with. This further made the users furious because that is heavily tacky and makes it seem as if the company has no idea as to how they are going to implement this.


The users have been expressing their disappointment and disapproval of the matter as sharing their password had become a sign of trust. They are calling it to be the worst step the company has ever taken and it would only force consumers away from them rather than towards them.

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