“My brain would say no because I’m diabetic”: Halle Berry Would Never Follow Her X-Men Co-star Hugh Jackman’s Footsteps and Put Her Body Through Absolute Torture For a Movie

Halle Berry Would Never Follow Her X-Men Co-star Hugh Jackman's Footsteps and Put Her Body Through Absolute Torture For a Movie
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Halle Berry is often known for going through grueling training to physically transform herself for her roles. Making her fit lifestyle her top priority, the actress maintains her physique and mindset with a strict diet and training regimen. However, there was one instance where she refused to modify her weight for the sake of a movie role. 

Halle Berry
Halle Berry

Apparently, when asked, Halle Berry refused to put on weight and avoid changing her diet, for a film. Stating her own health concerns, the actress refused to put her body through absolute torture. Prioritizing her health under all circumstances, Berry refused to follow in her  X-Men co-star Hugh Jackman’s footsteps. 

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Halle Berry Maintains a Strict Diet And Fitness Regime 

Dedicating herself to a better lifestyle, Hollywood actress Halle Berry made fitness her top priority. Committing herself to a careful diet and training regimen, the actress is known to maintain her physique and mindset. Thus, Berry once shared a glimpse of her diet and fitness plan, during her interview with People

I swear by the ketogenic diet. It’s just no sugar and no carbs. And what you force your body to do is instead of burning sugar for fuel, you start burning healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil, eggs. You start eating healthy fats.” 

Halle Berry
Halle Berry maintains a strict diet and fitness plan

Further, discussing how she combines her diet with her fitness plan, Halle Berry spoke about her training sessions with her audience. The actress revealed how she often combined this diet with certain exercises to get better results. 

I just do bodyweight stuff. I do Yoga sometimes, pilates. I kind of switch it up because your body gets used to the same exercises, so you have to kind of trick it every six or three months or so.” 

Halle Berry
Berry prioritizes her health and lifestyle

Committing herself to developing a gorgeous physique and maintaining her health simultaneously, Halle Berry often transformed herself for her movies. However, once she refused to do so and decided to focus on her health, instead. 


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Halle Berry Once Refused To Put On Weight For Her Films

Hollywood stars often put on weight and drop a few pounds according to the requirements of their projects. Thus, going through months and years of training and maintaining a strict diet to get into shape for certain roles, isn’t something rare. However, Halle Berry once refused to modify her weight for her role, despite her commitment to her career. 

Halle Berry
Halle Berry once refused to modify her weight for her films

The actress mentioned why she is against putting on weight for films and rather prioritizes her health under all circumstances. During her interview with Wendy Williams (via Contact Music), Berry mentioned what stops her from modifying her weight according to the requirements of her projects. 


My heart would say yes because I feel like I would do anything for my craft, but my brain would say no because I’m diabetic and what that might do to me on a health level could be really dangerous, so that’s probably the real reason I wouldn’t.” 

Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry
Despite working with Hugh Jackman, Berry refused to follow in his fitness footsteps

Despite working with her X-Men co-star Hugh Jackman, who is famously known for changing his physique for different projects, Halle Berry refused to follow in his footsteps. Stating how becoming a mother has changed her mindset and made her more cautious about her health, Berry claimed she’s unwilling to take health risks for her movies. 

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Source: People, Wendy Williams (via Contact Music)


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