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“My daughters got into a couple of scraps”: Channing Tatum’s Family Feud With Sandra Bullock Turns into Unexpected Friendship

Channing Tatum's Family Feud With Sandra Bullock Turns into Unexpected Friendship

Channing Tatum is known and loved for his role as Magic Mike. Tatum’s dance moves won hearts and left an unforgettable impression in our minds. On 17th January 2023, Channing Tatum sat for an interview with Vanity Fair, where he talked about his career, hobbies, love life, and his relationship with his daughters. We get a lot of insight into the actor and his many talents, it is almost as if we were talking to him.

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Channing Tatum in Magic Mike

Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock’s daughters fight with each other

Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock have worked together in the movie The Lost City. Not just that, but the two of them are very good friends. And Sandra Bullock has only good things to say about her co-actor.

Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock in The Lost City

The beauty about Channing is, while he is brilliant and savvy and a businessman, that is coupled with the spirit and joy and the inhibition of, like, a child, He’s just like a beautiful evolved goofball who brings joy wherever he goes.”

However, their daughters got into a feud last year. Bullock and Tatum met each other for the first time in the principal’s office because their daughters fought. When asked if they still hold a grudge against each other, Tatum clarified that there is none, and their daughters are now friends.

“Sandra and my daughters got into a couple of scraps at school because they’re both very, very, very strong-willed little girls. They love each other now, literally can’t like get enough of each other. They just want to hang out all the time.”

Tatum added that the principal gave a challenge of niceness to both of the young ladies and they are no longer bitter about it.

Channing Tatum opens up about his relationship with Jenna Dewan

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Channing Tatum and ex-wife Jenna Dewan

Tatum and Jenna Dewan on paper and in movies are the perfect couple. The duo met on the sets of Step Up in 2006 and had been together until their divorce in 2019. Dewan was a poised former professional dancer, very much into wellness and veganism. Tatum was an ex-stripper from Florida who hated vegetables. On paper they were perfect. Tatum says that they too believed in this, and fought to save their relationship, but knew they were growing apart.

“We fought for it for a really long time, even though we both sort of knew that we had sort of grown apart, I think we told ourselves a story when we were young, and we just kept telling ourselves that story, no matter how blatantly life was telling us that we were so different. But when you’re actually parents, you really understand differences between the two of you. Because it is screaming at you all day long. How you parent differently, how you look at the world, how you go through the world.

He says that after their divorce his life took a complete turn as all his plans were up in the air, life as he knew changed completely. This prompted him to take a break and spend time with his daughter which he said saved his life. It gave him perspective and bought him closer to his daughter.

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Channing Tatum in Step up

It was probably exactly what I needed. I don’t think I would’ve ever done the work, I think, on myself in the way that I had to do the work on myself to really try to figure out what next. And really, it just started with my daughter. I just dropped everything and just focused on her. And it was truly the best possible thing that I ever could have done. Because in the alone time that I have with just me and her, we’ve become best friends.”

Tatum sees his divorce as something that prompted him to change his ways. It is as optimistic as humans can get. He is reported to return for a last dance on the Magic Mike franchise.

Magic Mike: The Last Dance will release on 10 February 2023.

Source: VanityFair

Written by Pragya Sancheti

Currently a college student with big aspirations and a ton of assignment. Pursuing Bachelors in Mass Communication and Videography from St. Xavier's. Movies and Pop-culture get me through life.