“My father was busy”: Greatest Justice League DCAU Movie of All Time Couldn’t Cast Superman: TAS Lead Tim Daly, Settled for His Son Instead

The greatest Justice League film has a great story behind Superman's voice casting!

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  • Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox was released in 2013 and it became an instant fan favorite DCAU film.
  • Sam Daly opened up about how he ended up voicing Superman in the film.
  • Sam Daly chooses between Brandon Routh over Henry Cavill as Superman.
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Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox stands tall as the greatest animated DCAU film. The movie features a dynamic storyline with three-dimensional characters and outstanding voice actors. Besides the rich narrative and well-written characters, the voice cast of the film has done a fantastic job. At the same time, there is quite an interesting story behind the casting of the role of Superman.

The Justice League in the DCAU film released in 2013 film
A still from Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

In the animated series, Clark Kent was voiced by Tim Daly, the actor always the right choice to voice the character. His voice radiated warmth, determination, and passion, which is necessary to play the iconic DC superhero. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, he could not voice the superhero for this movie. Instead, his son did the work, and surprisingly, very few fans noticed the difference.

Sam Daly Opens Up About How He Was Chosen To Voice Superman in The DCAU Justice League Movie

Even though there are a number of Justice League films, none of them could come close to the popularity and fan following of The Flashpoint Paradox. The film revolves majorly around Barry Allen, popularly known by his superhero alias The Flash, who decided to travel back in time to prevent the murder of his mother.

In the alternate reality Thomas Wayne became The Batman
The Flash, Batman, and Cyborg

However, upon returning, he discovers how he has changed the future. With the help of Batman, he tries to make things as they were before his actions changed the world he knew. While the film was great in every sense, it could not cast Tim Daly to voice The Metropolis Marvel.

During an exclusive interview shared via ComicBookMovie.com, Sam Daly opened up about how the 2013 film was his “first ever voiceover work,” and what followed behind his casting was an intriguing story. The actor stated how Andrea Romano was a big fan of The Daly Show, and how one day, she decided to offer the role to his dad. He said,

“This was actually my first ever voiceover work. What happened is that the wonderfully talented Andrea Romano — my dad had worked with her starting in 1996 — became a big fan of The Daly Show and loved watching that. It’s sort of hard to ignore the fact that my dad and I do sound very similar to one another, so she called him up one day and said, “Listen, I have this new animated movie. It’s a Justice League movie, but it’s mainly about the Flash. Superman shows up in a much smaller role.””

Sam Daly voiced Superman in the 2013 film
The Metropolis Marvel in The Flashpoint Paradox film

He added, that Romano knew his father was busy, so she asked if the Black Road actor would be interested in voicing the superhero, which was the turning point in his career.


“She knew my dad was busy — he was going back East last summer to do a play — and she said, “Would Sam be interested?” Luckily enough I was sitting in the car with him when she called and I almost jumped through the phone to say, “Of course I am!” She brought me in, we hit it off, talked about it, did a few ADR sessions and that’s how it all went down. It was all thanks to the brilliance of the amazing Andrea Romano. I owe her everything.”

Nevertheless, Daly’s voice acting of the superhero was spot on. But what makes it praiseworthy is how a lot of viewers could not point out the difference unless they checked out the voice cast of the movie.

Sam Daly Gives His Preference Between Henry Cavill and Brandon Routh as The Man of Tomorrow

In the same interview, the actor was given a tough choice of whom he preferred as Kal-El as both Henry Cavill and Brandon Routh have brought something new to the character. The actor mentioned how he believes that between the two actors, Routh was more amazing, as he gave his explanation.

Henry Cavill was the most popular actor in Zack Snyder's DCEU
Henry Cavill in Man Of Steel

He said,


“As do I. I think Brandon was an amazing Superman. Not only did he look the part well, but he was a great Clark and a great Superman. It’s weird how when the higher ups are relaunching something, you have to remove yourself from the last one. I’ll certainly never forget Superman Returns.”

While fans’ opinions may vary some believe that Cavill was the better actor, and even launched a campaign, when he was fired from James Gunn’s rebooted DCU. 

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox can be streamed on Max.


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