“My heart is with Jeremy Renner”: DC CEO James Gunn Prays for Marvel Star’s Speedy Recovery Following Near Lethal Accident

"My heart is with Jeremy Renner": DC CEO James Gunn Prays for Marvel Star's Speedy Recovery Following Near Lethal Accident
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Jeremy Renner has had the world worried as he fights for his life in the hospital. His recent accident has led him to be in critical condition. His family has been right beside him during these tough times. Actors and celebrities everywhere have been sharing their condolences and are worried about whether or not the actor will be okay.

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye

This includes DC Films’ CEO, James Gunn. He recently took to Twitter and expressed how he too was worried about the actor. The accident was a rather gruesome one and might leave lasting damages both physically and mentally for the actor. The incident had been so worrisome that he had to be airlifted and brought to safety.

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James Gunn Shares His Concern For Jeremy Renner

At the moment, every actor, director, fan, and just mere audience is collectively praying for Jeremy Renner‘s speedy recovery from his accident. James Gunn is one of the many people who are worried about the actor and his condition. Currently, although he is said to be stable, he also is in critical condition. The incident took place while the actor had been trying to plow snow out of the road. The machine accidentally went over his legs and the amount of blood loss had been heavily serious.

Director James Gunn
Director James Gunn

Everyone at the moment is slowly growing more and more worried for the actor. The snowcat malfunctioned, leading to the accident. Renner’s neighbor helped out till paramedics arrived at the scene and it had since been treated as a proper crime scene. His family hasn’t left his side at all and has been constantly supporting him and wishing for Renner to be alright and well. Snowfall around Lake Tahoe has been not one that can be taken lightly and the actor, unfortunately, got the worst of it, leading him to fight for his life at the moment.

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Jeremy Renner Brought The World Together Unknowingly

Jeremy Renner is uncomfirmed to return.
Jeremy Renner is stable for now

2022 ended with massive feuds and issues in the Hollywood industry still ongoing. Hate for James Gunn had been a constant aspect and people demanding a new head for the DC Universe were always on top of social media’s list. For quite a long time there has been a gap in all the hate. Gunn, for once has not been received hate but support. His tweet wishing for Jeremy Renner to be alright soon brought the world together. Everyone has been only praying for the actor and for him to be alright as fast as possible instead of the non-stop hate.

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