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My Hero Academia: 10 Super Strong Quirks You’ll Never Want To Have

My Hero Academia 10 Super Strong Quirks Youll Never Want To Have

Most characters in My Hero Academia have super strong quirks. In the world of the well-liked anime franchise, every character has a quirk. Some of them are advantageous and have their disadvantages as well. Everything in My Hero Academia revolves around quirks. Some super-strong quirks are powerful and helpful but still not worth it.

1. Hero Nine (MHA: Heroes Rising) can manipulate the weather. It allows him to produce lightning, rain, and tornadoes like the mutant Storm from Marvel Comics. But he has to pay a considerable price for his powers as they cause him severe pain and cellular degeneration, which is unbearable. My Hero Academia: super strong quirks

2. Eri (granddaughter of Shie Hassaikai’s boss) is born with a unique and dangerous ability. She can Rewind. Eri accidentally wipes off the existence of her father, and so her mother disowns her. She is tortured and abused by Kai Chisaki. He wants to use her blood to research his Quirk Erasing Drug.Anime My Hero Academia Eri

3. Jin Bubaigawara’s Quirk is that he can clone anyone if he has their exact measurements. Jin becomes mentally unstable after his clones start killing each other. He is mentally traumatized by this incident.My Hero Academia Jin Bubaigawara Super strong quirks

4. Pro Hero Thirteen’s super strong Quirk is an unstable one. She can produce Black Holes through her fingers and wear a special suit to contain this Quirk. The black hole is a lethal weapon in combat and causes grave injuries to everyone, including Thirteen herself.My Hero Academia Uncovers Thirteen

5. Nezu is the Principal of U.A and is the first animal to have a quirk. Whether he is a dog, bear or mouse is unclear, but it is evident that he has been experimented upon. He is far more intelligent than a normal human being. Principal Nezu My hero academia

6. Dabi is Todoroki Touya and he has gained his super strong quirk Cremation from his father. But he is resistant to ice (inherited from his mother) instead of being resistant to fire. He gets terrible burns and pain when he uses his Quirk. He is one of the most powerful villains in MHA. Dabi - My Hero Academia, Super strong Quirks

7. Tomura Shigaraki’s original Quirk is the ability to destroy anything he touches with five fingertips. This is a unique and super strong quirk. Tomura accidentally kills his whole family when the Quirk emerges after a beating from his abusive father. He is one of the most villainous characters of MHA.Shigaraki Tomura My hero academia Super strong quirks

8. Kurogiri’s Quirk, Warp Gate, allows him to move freely from one location to the other. Kurogiri is an undead slave created from the corpse of Oboro Shirakumo. Cloud is Oboro’s original quirk.My Hero Academia Kurogiri

9. Sludge Villain is the first villain in the MHA series. He gets transformed into a massive ball of mud/ sludge. It makes him resistant to any attack. He also can take over another’s body and use their Quirk against them.Sludge - super strong quirks

10. One For all is a torch handed down through the ages. Each user using it cultivates and adds to its power. Therefore it is a super strong Quirk and is an unnatural addition to the user’s body. If someone has a Quirk and receives One For All, it reduces their lifespan. However, if a Quirkless person receives it, he needs rigorous physical and training; else, it can cause severe permanent damage to the user.My Hero Academia - one for all super strong quirk


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