My Hero Academia: 10 Villains Who Might One Day Surpass All Might

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The My Hero Academia Universe is rife with powerful super villains. And some of them have what it takes to rival and even exceed the power level of All Might, the greatest hero who ever lived.



Rikiya Yotsubashi was the leader of the Meta Liberation Army. His ability – Stress, allowed him to channel all the stress in his body into raw brute strength. He was like the Hulk. The angrier and more upset he got, the stronger he became. While fighting Shigaraki tomura, he became so angry that he could have leveled a huge portion an entire city. He currently serves under Tomura in his Paranormal Liberation front.


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He was once the most loyal servant of All For One. Now he serves Shigaraki Tomura. His huge size coupled with the incredible amount of strength and durability make him the manga world’s answer to DC Universe’s Doomsday. He was so powerful that the League Of villains engaged him for days and still could not defeat him. He pushed back Gran Torino, picked up the gigantic Mt. Lady, and fought many veteran heroes at once, never taking back even a single step. This villain needs to come back to the show one more time.



Do not for a second take this guy lightly. His careless personality might make you underestimate him. But Jin Bubaigawara did not make it to the top nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front just like that. He has a deadly quirk to back it up. His duplication power allows him to create copies of both himself as well as others. Hawks, the number two pro-hero, considers Twice the deadliest of Tomura’s lieutenants. Using the ability Infinite Doubles: Sad man’s Parade, Twice can take over an entire country if he wanted to. And that’s scary as hell.

Hooded Nomu


The Hooded Nomu was one of Endeavor’s first opponents during the season 4 premiere of the anime series. The creature was something straight out of a horror movie. It had not one but multiple quirks to tap into. It could use its wings to fly. Its limbs could be transmuted into any number of objects of varying length and size. The Nomu’s muscle augmentation quirk made it a nightmare for endeavor in close quarter combat. It took Endeavor his entire strength to defeat this Hooded Nomu. This guy definitely had what it took to surpass All Might one day.

Shigaraki Tomura

After having his powers boosted by Ujiko, one of his first acts was destroying half of an entire city. Tomura is already a legendary villain in the making. The leader of the paranormal liberation front initially had the power of decay. After the upgrade, he no longer needs to be in physical contact of his target to use it. To top it off, Shigaraki Tomura is also the successor to All For One. After undergoing surgery, his powers will obviously become even stronger. Who knows what dastardly act he will do next.



Once a powerful mob boss, Overhaul now spends his days in a prison cell in Tartarus. Of all the quirks we have seen in my hero Academia, Overhaul’s abilities are definitely the deadliest. His quirk allows him to transmute matter into literally anything he wishes. He can use this ability to turn the floor into a carpet of spikes. he can reshape flesh and mutilate his opponents via touch. He can also use this ability to heal himself of all injuries. One of the most lethal uses of the ability is when Overhaul fuses his body with others, gaining their skills in the process. This guy is going places for sure.



Geten is the de facto leader of the “Vanguard Action Guerilla Warfare Regiment: Violet”. He has the uncanny ability to control ice. Any nearby sources of water can become this guy’s weapon. His ability to control the temperature of the water around him, manipulating it to attack, defend, or use as a means of transportation is even better than Shoto Todoroki’s ability. There’s a reason why he is considered one of his team’s most treasured members. The reason why he can easily surpass All Might is simple – the amount of control he has over ice far surpasses Shoto Todoroki’s quirk. Given enough time to grow, this guy could be a legitimate threat to the entire world.

Oji Harima

Not much is known about this super villain. All we know is that he belonged to an era where the hero system was still in its nascent stage. Oji Harima earned the moniker ‘The Peerless Thief’. none of his abilities have been revealed but from the looks of it, he seems to be wielding monstrous levels of power. According to Gentle Criminal, the clown faced villain is on the same league as All For One, who is considered the greatest criminal super villain in the MHA Universe. The guy will likely make an appearance later in the series considering he is only ‘presumed dead’ for now.


High End Nomu

The Nomus are creatures that vary greatly in size, speed, and strength. Some of them even come with wings. Some have the ability to absorb energy. Among all the Nomus that we have seen in the series, the one that could beat the living daylights out of All Might is the High End Nomu. The High End Nomu occupies this special place because it was able to battle two of the strongest Pro-Heroes – Hawks and Endeavor to a standstill. Endeavor, who always takes the lone wolf route, was so overwhelmed by the Nomu’s sheer strength that he was forced to do the unthinkable – ask for help in defeating it. Had this Nomu trained itself, we are pretty sure it could have exceeded All Might’s power levels.

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All For One

He is the master of evil. Like All Might is the symbol of peace, justice, and harmony in the MHA Universe, One For all is the God of the super-villains. He represents malice, jealousy, and greed. His quirk gives him an ability that works like a polar opposite of All Might’s One For all. It allows the guy to steal the quirks of others and pass it on to his allies or keep it for himself. Throughout the years, All For One has stolen multiple quirks. He is like a walking weapon of mass destruction. After all, he was the one that inflicted that grievous wound on All Might that eventually led to his death.

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