My Hero Academia: 5 Heroes Better Off As Villains (& 5 Villains Who Would Make Great Heroes)

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The line between a hero and a villain is very thin. All it takes is a little push. For these heroes and villain of My Hero academia, that line may not exist at all.


Villain As A Hero: Gentle Criminal

Just like his name, Gentle Criminal is a villain who walks with poise and grace. Everything he does is based on the ideals of gentleness and honor. Gentle Criminal, like many other ambitious pre-pubescent toddlers, longed to be a hero. He joined the UA Academy to become one of the top heroes of the world. But he was never able to stand out. As a result, he slowly started fading away into obscurity. His dream of becoming famous was dead. As a result, Gentle Criminal embraced a life of evil. With a sizable online presence of followers, Gentle Criminal is one of the most beloved villains alive in the MHA Universe. he is also a man full of honor and pride despite being a villain. If he stumbles into some good luck, he would make an incredibly inspiring hero.


Hero As A Villain: Fumikage Tokoyami

his appearance is already creepily unique. He is short and has the upper half of his body replaced with that of a hawk. Fumikage is one of the strongest of Midoriya’s allies. But it is his obsession with darkness that makes him such an unpredictable liability. His dark Shadow ability gives him a level of strength not many of class 1-A could match up against. Add to that the fact that a sudden emotional outburst of availability of enough darkness is enough to cause him to go on a rampage and we have a ticking time bomb in our midst, ready to explode at any point of time in the series.

Villain As A Hero: Stain


Stain only had well intentions in mind when he became a hero. He idolized heroes and saw them as the true saviors of mankind. The harsh reality of the world he lived in struck him deeply. The heroes he looked up to were not actually in it for saving people. they were there for selfish reasons like fame and wealth. This drove stain insane, who took an oath to cleanse the world of these ‘fake heroes’. The Hero-Killer may be a thorn at Deku’s side but he has all one needs to become one of the greatest heroes ever. all he needs is a little nudge in the right direction.

Hero As A Villain: Hitoshi Shinso

His appearance already makes him look like a villain. Add to that the fact that his mind control ability is more of a villainous quirk, and we have a potential super villain even the likes of Shigaraki Tomura has never seen. Shinso is loyal, stoic and composed and does everything he can to become a hero. Despite his valiant efforts, he is still discriminated against and ostracized. It does not take much to push someone in his position into the dark side. This makes him the perfect soft target for the villains, who could convince him to join their cause.


Villain As A Hero: Himiko Toga

Anime shows generally tend to associate shape-shifters with villainy. But we always forget there are two sides to the same coin. Himiko Toga may be deranged but she could be a valuable asset to the Pro Heroes Association. She can take the form of literally anyone. Toga can then go deep undercover, infiltrating crime families and villain organizations like the Paranormal Liberation front. Her intel could prove valuable for Pro heroes like Endeavor and Hawks, who could do the rest of the leg work and save the say. Himiko could be the spy who works from the shadows, the nameless woman who always ends up saving the day without anyone noticing.

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Hero As A Villain: Katsuki Bakugo

We al knew this guy was bound to be on this list. A brash and arrogant young lad, Bakugo was born with the power of creating powerful explosions from his hands that he can control and manipulate as he wished. Like Midoriya, Bakugo wants to surpass All Might’s power level. With Deku getting closer than ever to his goal, Bakugo might start believing he is getting left behind in this race. He could become MHA’s version of Sasuke Uchiha. People have become villains in the past for a promise of something as shallow as power. Plus his open hostility towards others helps us picture him like a villain already. for a long time we thought Bakugo might actually go evil.

Villain As A Hero: Shigaraki Tomura


This would be such poetic irony we almost want this to happen. Shigaraki Tomura has had a tough origin story. He went through a traumatizing experience right after discovering his quirk. He was then taken in by people who made him think the world was devoid of any humanity and needs to burn. Tomura now has the burden of the All For One on his shoulders. From how we see it, Tomura is a victim of incredibly bad circumstances. If there was someone who could talk and get through to him, they just might be able to turn him to the light side. Imagine – the One For all and All For One ability fighting for the same good cause!!

Hero As A Villain: Eraser Head

he is street smart, wickedly sunning, and possesses a quirk any person born in a world of people full of quirks would die to have. Aizawa’s ability allows him to shut down the quirk of any opponent that sees him. Thus he manages to level the playing field with a simple gaze. with his superior fighting skills and resourcefulness, Shota Aizawa would have made a great villain. maybe there’s still hope. We just have to wait it out.


Villain As A Hero: Mr. Compress

We seldom come across a villain so gentle and kind as Mr. Compress. He is a magician and showman at best. Using sleight of hand techniques and classic misdirection tactics, he manages to stay a step ahead of his foes. We can easily picture that if he is a hero, fighting villains with the same techniques he employs as a villain. His quirk also makes him a master of infiltration. He could compress the heroes and set them back deep inside enemy territory. He could apprehend criminals and hand them over to the authorities in the most bloodless fashion possible.

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Hero As A Villain: Endeavor

No one is ever born flawless. For Endeavor, the single greatest flaw was his immense jealousy of the power of all Might. all his life, Endeavor has been called the second strongest hero. And he did not take that well. He became colder and more arrogant, even going as far as dishing it out on his own family. His own son hates him because he was just a tool in his quest to undermine All Might. Endeavor’s ambitions have pushed him into a dark path for far too long. It looks like its only a matter of time before his transition into a powerful super villain.

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