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My Hero Academia: 6 Times Todoroki Made His Father Proud (& Earned Our Respect)

The relationship between Todoroki and Endeavor has never been close. Even though Endeavor is the father of Shoto Todoroki, both of them failed to maintain a healthy relationship as he had a grudge against his father. The anime and manga franchise, My Hero Academia promoted their relationship as if they were rivals. Todoroki has spent years hating his father to defy him. However, today, we have managed to pull out fewer moments where Todoroki earned his father’s respect. Throughout the series, the character arcs of Todoroki take new turns and so does the relationship with his father. Let’s see the times when Todoroki not only made his father proud but also gained our respect.

Ending, the antagonist of the anime series trapped Endeavor and kidnapped his son Natsuo. Todoroki fought with Ending and brought back his brother. Ending’s ultimate goal was to destroy Endeavor. However, when Endeavor failed to act, the three young students took over. Especially his younger son Shoto. He rescued his brother and punished Ending for his sin. This moment didn’t only make Endeavor proud, the fans of the series also appreciated his effort.

Shoto Todoroki
He won against Ending

Todoroki eventually came to know his fire-oriented quirks and learned how to use them in his way. As he inherited this superpower from his father, he engaged himself and discovered tricks of his own. At U.A Sports Festival, Shoto first cooled down the air around him and within a moment he switched to his fireside. It eventually ended up as a superheated explosion. Throughout the series, Shoto kept adding other tricks and techniques that helped him to gain success. And this consistency towards his arsenal simply made his father proud of him.

Shoto’s powers

Even though Todoroki failed to pass The Provisional Hero License Course, he joined an additional class and eventually overcame his weaknesses. The course was challenging him every single day from every single aspect but Shoto gained success anyway. Endeavor noticed his son’s efforts to interact with hostile children and win their hearts. It made his father extremely proud as Shoto became successful in passing his part in his trial.

Shoto Todoroki
Shoto interacting with kids

When the main antagonist of My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, Humarise, attacked heroes, Shoto and his friends protected the hero society. Shoto, Izumi, and Katsuki fought well and took out Leviathan. They pulled through and defeated Flect Turn who was the mastermind behind it. It indeed was a moment that made Endeavor proud.

Three of them defeated Humarise

In Hosu, Shoto and his friends unexpectedly faced off the Hero Killer Stain. He is also known as Chizome Akagoru. Tenya went after Stain on his own and got injured. However, three of our heroes managed to defeat Stain and saved Pro Hero Native. Since they used their Quirks unauthorized, the authorities vacuum their involvement under the rug. And the credit for the capture went to Endeavor.

They took down Stain

Even though Shoto Todoroki’s refusal towards his fireside may sound fair but the consequences could have been terrible. Izuku figured out that the grudge Todoroki has against his father was somehow hurting Todoroki in some way. His words somehow reached out to Shoto to make him understand that his fireside only belongs to himself. And when Endeavor realized that Shoto finally started using his powers, he was delightful.

Shoto Todoroki

So, that was all about the times when Shoto Todoroki earned his father’s appreciation during the series. Let us know which one do you think makes legit sense.

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