My Hero Academia Character’s Name Gets Censored Completely Because of How Inappropriate the Translation is

Eri's name has an inappropriate meaning in Arabic, so it was censored in the Arabic dub of My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia Character’s Name Gets Censored Completely Because of How Inappropriate the Translation is


  • My Hero Academia has been one of the most popular anime of the modern times, with the protagonist aiming to be the number one Hero after getting inspired by All Might.
  • My Hero Academia is enjoying its success, but most times, success is followed by controversy and the same happened with the popular anime after Eri's name was censored and changed to Rei in the Arabic dub.
  • Space Power TV holds the publishing rights to My Hero Academia in the Middle East and they changed Eri's name to Rei since it means something inappropriate in the Syrian dialect of Arabic
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My Hero Academia has reached the peak of success after the sixth season. What started with a light-hearted pursuit of becoming a hero soon took a dark turn. Last season showcased how the protagonist, Deku, took all the burden on himself to take on the League of Villains. With rising popularity, many have branded My Hero Academia to be one of the modern Big Three of anime.


But success always brings controversy, and My Hero Academia is also not safe from its grasp. Recently, one of the cutest characters in anime got their name censored due to it having a dirty meaning. The character in the talks is Eri, who was saved by Deku. In Arabic, ‘Eri’ has an inappropriate meaning, and that is why it was censored completely.


Arabic Dub of My Hero Academia Censored Eri’s Name


Eri is one of the sweetest characters of My Hero Academia and has one of the most unique abilities in the anime. Her quirk is Rewind, which always her to revert something to its previous stages. For that, she needs to that object or person. Her quirk was strong enough to restore Mirio Togata’s quirk. But apparently, her name has an inappropriate meaning in the Syrian dialect of Arabic, which caused it to get censored.

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Space Power TV holds the rights to preview the anime in Arabic. When the anime aired, the fans were surprised to see that Eri’s name got censored. Eri’s name was changed to Rei throughout the Middle East. The fans could not understand why such a thing happened. Apart from her name, everything remained the same. Eri in the Syrian dialect of Arabic means ‘my d*ck’, which is not a proper word to use on national television.

eri with mirio togata
Eri with Mirio Togata

Moreover, My Hero Academia has thousands of young watchers. So, as a precautionary method, Eri was changed to Rei. Space Power TV altered it for the sake of the local people.


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More on My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia wrapped up season six in early 2023. After the season was over, an official announcement confirmed that season seven was in production. The fans could hardly contain themselves with such exciting news. The anime will enter its final saga soon, while the manga is slowly nearing its end. Kohei Horiskoshi’s magnum opus has reached the peak of fame, which other anime can only imagine.

deku rescues eri in my hero academia
Deku rescues Eri in My Hero Academia

Changing Eri’s name to Rei surprised many people, but they got accustomed to it. Since nothing about her looks and characteristics changed, she remained the same person, and the fandom loved her. Changing names due to inappropriate meanings is not new. Super Power TV had previously changed names to Star Wars since they were NSFW.

My Hero Academia is available on Crunchyroll and Netflix.


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