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“My inner crab got the better of me”: Hugh Grant Believes He Deserved Severe Punishment for His Unforgivable Behaviour on ‘The Daily Show’

"My inner crab got the better of me": Hugh Grant Believes He Deserved Severe Punishment for His Unforgivable Behaviour on 'The Daily Show'

Talk shows and actors can sometimes get out of hand when dealing with subjective comedy. This was true for Hugh Grant who apparently showed very bad behavior on the set of The Daily Show. As recalled by Jon Stewart, the actor was then later banned from the show!

Credit to Grant however since he publicly apologized years later on his Twitter account and agreed with the former talk show host. Jon Stewart talked about Grant’s rude behavior behind-the-scenes on The Daily Show in a talk with Stephen Colbert which was deemed “unforgivable”.

Hugh Grant at the Oscars
Hugh Grant at the Oscars 2023

Hugh Grant’s “Unforgivable” Behavior That Got Him Banned

Grant has been the talk of the town recently since he was also allegedly rude during a little chit-chat at the Oscars 2023. Although two sides formed that claimed that the actor was trying to perform deadpan comedy while the other claimed plain rudeness; Grant seems to find himself in a recurring position of being rude to people when it comes to talk shows or events.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert chatted about the old days.
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert chatted about the old days.

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Jon Stewart, the former host of The Daily Show sat down for a chat with Stephen Colbert, the host of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. The talk show host recalled the time he invited the Two Weeks Notice actor on his show and had a terrible experience with him. He called Grant a diva behind-the-scenes of the show and stated that the actor was giving “everyone sh*t the whole time”.

         “He’s giving everyone sh– the whole time, and he’s a big pain in the ass,” 

Stewart further stated that the Notting Hill actor told everyone that he had other places to be present rather than the show. Grant was never called back again to the show but he did issue an apology years later on his Twitter account.

This wasn’t the end of it since Hugh Grant blamed Jon Stewart for a clip that he showed during the interview. Turns out, it was actually Grant’s team that mistakenly showcased the clip.

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Jon Stewart Told Hugh Grant To Make Better Movies

Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant.

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Recalling a hilarious incident that took place when Hugh Grant was in the interview with Jon Stewart, the former talk show host bad-mouthed his movies. During the interview, a clip of Hugh Grant from his movie Did You Hear About the Morgans was shown. The actor clearly did not like the act since it wasn’t one of his best movies.

Stewart, in his conversation with Stephen Colbert, told that if he didn’t want the clip featured then he should have made better movies instead.

     “What is that clip? It’s a terrible clip.” “Well, then make a better f–— movie,”

Turns out, the showcasing of the clip was not the fault of The Daily Show team but it was accidentally shown by Grant’s team! After all the drama that occurred, Hugh Grant was never called back on The Daily Show.

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