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“My life was miserable”: Charlize Theron Went to Extremely Dark Places for $153M Horror Movie With Keanu Reeves That Left Her Exhausted

“My life was miserable”: Charlize Theron Went to Extremely Dark Places for $153M Horror Movie With Keanu Reeves That Left Her Exhausted

Charlize Theron is a phenomenal actor who has given many fascinating performances across genres. She loves taking on challenging roles and plays her silver-screen characters effortlessly and effectively. Theron has become of the most talked-about actresses in Hollywood, and her acting genius has won her several accolades. The actress is best known for doing genre-busting projects and action-packed movies, and she has a knack for it. 

In her 1997 American supernatural horror film, The Devil’s Advocate with Keanu Reeves, she gave a memorable performance that earned her critical acclaim. Her role in that film remains one of the best performances she has delivered in her career. However, Theron once revealed that she went to an extremely dark place for her role in that movie, which left her exhausted.

Charlize Theron Reveals The Film Which Left Her Exhausted

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is one of the most legendary star performers in Hollywood. The actress has been ruling the silver screen for more than 25 years. She effortlessly portrays the depth of her film characters and never disappoints her fans with her extraordinary acting skills. After playing the role of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the 2003 American biographical crime film Monster, Theron secured her position in Hollywood as one of the most sought-after actresses.

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Charlize Theron has done several high-profile roles in her career with enough A-list talents in the entertainment industry. Actors go the extra mile in achieving the perfect physique for their on-screen characters, and actress Charlize Theron once disclosed her sobering details in a candid interview that one of her commercially hit films left her exhausted in the process of excelling at method acting. 

She claimed that her 1997 supernatural horror film The Devil’s Advocate left her miserable; Theron explained:

“I realized on that film that was definitely not a process that was gonna work for me. There was something so exhausting about it. My life was miserable. I wasn’t happy. And then of course, you worry because then you’re like, ‘well, if I don’t do that, then maybe I won’t be as good as the Marlon Brando’s and Monty Clift’s’ and you read all these biographies… And then I did some work, non-method, and I was actually really happy with the work.”

Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves
Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves

Charlize Theron continued,

“I think for me, having the energy to be able; to go a lot further in darker material is way more helpful than being exhausted. When I’m exhausted, I’m just tired. I almost don’t want to go into the dark room. So I made it a real discipline. I think dance really helped me with this. I work, I leave it behind.”

In the film, the actress played the character of Mary Ann Lomax next to Keanu Reeves. The movie received mixed reviews from the audience and grossed over $153 million at the box office.

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A Brief Note on Charlize Theron’s Career

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron has given many solid performances in films like The Devil’s Advocate and Mad Max: Fury Road. Her acting genius has won her several prominent awards. She is supremely talented and gives her best in every project she is involved with. The actress has worked in multi genres projects and delivered exceptional performances.

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Hollywood needs more ambitious and hardworking actresses like her. Throughout her storied career, the actress has maintained her superstar persona. Be it her unique fashion choices, or bold choice of on-screen characters, Theron always manages to stand out from the crowd.

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