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“My obligation was not tainting the first year of his life”: Sandra Bullock’s Oscar Win Was Cut Short After Actress Had to Save Son From Her Own Trauma

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When picturing a successful Hollywood actress that has made the most of her career with many accolades under her belt, the picture of Sandra Bullock just might appear in your thoughts. From being nominated multiple times for the Oscars to actually winning one in the Best Actress category and being a part of many blockbusters in the industry, the star has made sure that her legacy will remain for a long time.

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock

But living the life of a talented star in the industry hasn’t come without its fair share of hard times, especially when she wasn’t alone in that suffering. In an interview in the recent past, Bullock opened up about how she had to make a tough choice while taking care of herself and her son during one of the most turbulent times in her life.

Sandra Bullock Had To Save Her Son From Trauma During Her Divorce

Sandra Bullock in a still from Bird Box
Sandra Bullock in a still from Bird Box

While she has made a name for herself as one of the most capable and talented individuals in the Hollywood industry, Sandra Bullock also proved her resilience while dealing with hard times in her private life as well. Just a couple of days after winning the Oscar in the Best Lead Actress category for her role in The Blind Side, reports came up about how Bullock and her then-husband Jesse James were filing for a divorce.

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This news came in as a shock, with the reason for the divorce being multiple cases of infidelity. The progress of the case was a messy one with multiple lawyers involved. During the process, she had recently adopted her son Louis, who was very young at the time. Thus, along with steeling her mental fortitude, she also had to make sure that her son would be sheltered from all of the negativity. During an interview on CBS Sunday Morning, Bullock opened up about her experience, saying:

“So much had happened, how do you process grief and not hurt your child in the process? It’s a newborn, they take on everything you’re feeling. So my obligation was to him and not tainting the first year of his life with my grief.”

Thus, the Ocean’s 8 star recently took a decision that changed her professional and personal life forever.

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Sandra Bullock Decided To Retire For Her Children

Sandra Bullock along with her family
Sandra Bullock along with her family

After her divorce in 2010, Bullock would go on to start a relationship with Bryan Randall in 2015, who is a photographer by profession. In the same year, she would also adopt her daughter Laila Bullock. Thus, as her kids grew up, the star decided to take her career slow and focus her time and energy on raising them, which led her to take a semi-retirement from the Hollywood industry in 2022 in order to take care of her family.

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Source: CBS Sunday Morning

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