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“My skin suffered for it, I’m lucky I don’t have skin cancer”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Stuntman Shares Gruelling Experience of Working With Mr. Olympia

"My skin suffered for it, I’m lucky I don’t have skin cancer": Arnold Schwarzenegger's Stuntman Shares Gruelling Experience of Working With Mr. Olympia

Peter Kent, the longtime stunt double for Arnold Schwarzenegger, has shared some of the grueling conditions he endured while working on some of the actor’s films. Kent says that while he loved working with Schwarzenegger, conditions during filming were often less than favorable.

Peter Kent with Arnold Schwarzenegger
Peter Kent with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Terminator 2: Judgment Day Was a Rough Project for Peter Kent

One of the most challenging films that Peter Kent worked on with Schwarzenegger was Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Kent was required to perform several dangerous stunts, including throwing himself from an 18-wheeler truck and performing stunts with a Harley Davidson. The conditions for filming were also less than ideal, and Kent was required to wear a mold of Arnold’s face every day. The mold caused Kent’s skin to break out and suffer, and he feels lucky that he hasn’t developed skin cancer.

 “It was hell, because your skin would break out. The make-up department didn’t care and Jim didn’t care. My skin suffered for it and I’m lucky I don’t have skin cancer to this day.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Kent has said that working with James Cameron during the filming of Terminator 2 was difficult, due to the director’s poor communication skills and vision.

“He has this vision, and in some way he thinks that people are going to get that vision by osmosis from him. Of course that doesn’t happen and he says ‘why are you guys not on the same page as me?’ He just assumed that everyone was right there with him in his head.”

Kent also got yelled at by Cameron on a few occasions. Nonetheless, he spoke positively about the experience and relationship alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Peter Kent Has Nothing But Love for Arnold Schwarzenegger

Contrary to some rumors of on-set tension between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kent, the two had a close relationship that lasted for over 15 years. Kent actually got the job as Schwarzenegger’s stunt double by lying about his experience doing stunts during a meeting with James Cameron, the director of The Terminator.

After Cameron quickly noticed his height, he asked Kent if he had any experience doing stunts, to which Kent replied affirmatively, even though he had never done a stunt before. Despite this, Kent was perfect for the job and became Schwarzenegger’s go-to stunt double.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Despite the difficult conditions on set, Kent had nothing but love for Schwarzenegger, and the two became close friends during their time working together. Kent says that they spent a lot of time together, training and even smoking cigars in between shots.

“When I worked with him we were pretty much together 24/7. I’m one of the few guys who can say I trained with him every day. In the trailer we would have coffee and cigars in between shots, for which I’d get yelled at quite a bit by the Assistant Directors.”

According to Kent, the two were together 24/7 while working on a film, and Kent treated Schwarzenegger like any other person, not just a movie star.

Peter Kent with Arnold Schwarzenegger
Peter Kent with Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Peter Kent’s experience working with Arnold Schwarzenegger was a grueling one that left him with lasting skin damage. Despite this, Kent had nothing but love for Schwarzenegger and enjoyed a close relationship with the actor during their time working together.

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