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“My son said not to do it”: After Rejecting Wonder Woman, Sandra Bullock Reveals Her Son Made Her Refuse Secret Superhero Role That Flopped Badly at Box-Office

“My son said not to do it”: After Rejecting Wonder Woman, Sandra Bullock Reveals Her Son Made Her Refuse Secret Superhero Role That Flopped Badly at Box-Office

Sandra Bullock may have stepped away from Hollywood for a while, but she has some of the biggest flicks in her bag. Whether it is Bird Box, Ms. Congeniality, or The Proposal, the actress has always given out her best performances. Her last few movies included The Lost City and Bullet Train, and even in those she shone as bright as possible.

Sandra Bullock says she's taking a break from acting
Sandra Bullock

Her range in acting has always been evergrowing and she never lets her talent be limited to only one or two genres. What was kept a mystery for a long time was a superhero movie which she rejected. The film that it was had not been revealed for a while until the actress finally caved in and told the world just which Avenger or Justice League member slipped away from her hands.

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Sandra Bullock Said No To Becoming Wonder Woman

Sandra Bullock confirmed that she had once been in consideration for playing a comic book hero. Although the opportunity seemed right to her, it was her son Louis who made her say no ultimately.

Wonder Woman Reading Order - Comic Book Treasury
Wonder Woman in the comics

“I was approached for something that wasn’t Marvel, but my son said not to do it.”

She gave out a brief hint about what the role may have been by simply ruling out Marvel. Although she, later on, did add that it was not a DC role either. That may have been a misdirect because according to when she was offered the role, the movie that came out had been a DC movie.

“It was kind of in the place that Louis felt I shouldn’t be… and he was actually right. I saw it when it came out and I was like, ‘Ooo! That’s unfortunate.'”

Upon further intricate analysis via the internet, the conclusion of which hero Bullock had been talking about, turned out to be none other than Wonder Woman. She did not regret her refusal and commended her son for understanding what would fit her right and what wouldn’t.

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Sandra Bullock Did Not Think Of Herself As Superhero Material

Sandra Bullock talked about how she had never been approached by Marvel for any role and she herself believed that the superhero movies, especially the Marvel Cinematic Universe were not her forte. Her belief was what led her to reject Wonder Woman’s role in the first place.

I'm so tired': Sandra Bullock on taking a break from acting | KXAN Austin
Sandra Bullock

“I don’t think I’m Marvel material.”

She confirmed that Joel Silver was trying his best to convince her so that she would accept the movie but she remained adamant about her stance. Thanks to her son’s advice, she was happily watching superhero movies on the silver screen.

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Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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